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Multi-platinum rapper Cardi B visited Twitter after WWE RAW’s Legend Night Edition on Monday in response to being named by WWE Hall of Fame Torrie Wilson.

As already mentioned, RAW featured a behind-the-scenes segment that Angel Garza interrupted Wilson while chatting with Nikki Cross. Tory invited Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner to watch RAW tonight and told him they were waiting in the hallway room. Tory said Cardy might be interested in the roses of Garza, so he went looking for her.

It turns out that Boogeyman was waiting in an empty room, not Wilson’s promised celebrity. Garza ran out of room but was pinned by the new WWE 24/7 champion R-Truth.

Cardi, who has tweeted several WWE tweets in the past, tweeted during RAW and asked why fans are tagging her in WWE-related posts.

She writes: “What’s going on? Do people keep tagging me with WWE’s?”

When a fan asked Cardy if he was watching RAW, she said, “No, I used it too. I’m a little confused to see people tag me with WWE stuff.” I answered.

Cardy made a few more WWE tweets saying he loves SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. She also saw WWE when she was young and said she was a fan of several legends and Hall of Fame, including Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, Batista, John Cena, Edge, Melina, Trish Stratus, and Rita.

When asked if she was watching The Rock, she wrote: ETC is turned on! “

Cardy then asked her fans to slow it down with a WWE tweet. She also mentioned what she heard about a “sexy wrestler” named Carmella.

“It’s a wwE tweet I haven’t seen in years. I was confused by all the WWE tweets I got. Before this last match, it was about Carmella, the name of a sexy wrestler,” she said. writing.

However, rapper and up-and-coming WWE fan Wale chimed, and he and Cardy suggested heading to WWE’s “Wit Damisterio Mask” to cut some promotions. Cardy responded by joking about collecting WrestleMania payday.

She replied, “@ wale has to tell me twice. This is on my way to WrestleMania to collect my checks. [weary face emoji x 2] [face with tears of joy emoji x 3]”

Fans then tweeted the segment’s Cardi footage with Garza and Wilson. In response, she jokingly warned WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon.

“WWWWTTTTFFFFFFFFFF … [weary face emoji] [laughing emoji x 4] This isn’t the way my WWE debut was supposed to be! Vince McMahon counts your FUCK IN DAYS !!!! “she wrote in the segment.

Later, the Bodak Yellow rapper exchanged for Trish.

Stratus wrote, “Cardi knows,” in response to a previous tweet where Cardi namedropped some superstars.

“OMMMMMMMGGGGGG !!!!! Bitch I’m nauseating !!!! I’m very hype !!!” Cardi wrote back.

The bank retweeted some of Cardi’s comments and replied to a tweet saying she loves The Boss.

“I love you [blue heart emoji]”The bank wrote back.

You can see the above tweet below, along with some related posts and videos from the segment.

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Cardi B commented on being namedropped during Raw Cardi B commented on being namedropped during Raw

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