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Cardi B recently noticed a lot of WWE mentions on the timeline.So comment again How Much Is She A Sasha Banks Fan?.. Cardi B also received a fascinating offer to join the Robert Stone Brand.

Aliyah recently sent a tweet to Cardi B. Normally Robert Stone handles these requests themselves, but Aliyah handles them. She told Cardi B that she liked her Twitter account and wanted to know if she was interested in joining forces.

Hey @iamcardib !!! We love your Twitter account. Would you like to collaborate? The DM here and one of my #RobertStoneBrand team members will come back to you and organize something special for you!

Cardi B has not yet responded to Aliyah’s meeting request. In the entertainment world, she has so many options available now that she needs to figure out what she wants to do.

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Cardi B invited to WWE XT Stable Cardi B invited to WWE XT Stable

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