Career Optimization-Answering Calls for Conscious Leadership

After spending a full time with little confidence in what will come and how to plan and prepare for 2020, 2021 will be a period of reinvention for people and businesses alike, with some businesses Looking at it, there are few signs of an outage and it continues to this day. I’m trying to get back to “normal”.

For many, it has become clear that “normal” does not work for many. The suffocating goals and periods of dreams left many new dreams.Finally, the tendency to seize the day, along with time for reflection and prioritization, and perhaps a new sense of finite mortality tied to the Earth, has affected many, including us. C3 communityGrab this moment and ride it as long as it takes.

The topic of the May 2022 Answer the Call to Conscious Leadership event, selected by the C3 community, was career optimization.

Ed SamuelOne of my mentors, Sam Nova, Inc.’s Career Coach and CEO Melanie Mitchell-Wechsler Use Find Succeed Achieve to talk about why and how anyone who wants to make changes can get started right away.

Participate in C3 To access the replays, join the community of fellow corporate awareness co-creators, and find out what we said:

  • Where to start and why
  • How often someone needs to evaluate their career for maximum optimization
  • What the process looks like
  • What is the # 1 evaluation tool for career optimization?
  • Most people struggle to achieve career optimization
  • What are the steps after that
  • How does someone know if their goals are realistic?
  • How to find out what opportunities exist in this rapidly evolving employment market
  • The worst way to find a job is by default for most people
  • If calling the recruiter actually works
  • How to work best and the most useful tools
  • How salary works when optimizing your career
  • Other things to negotiate to optimize your career
  • How to Know When a Career Coach Needs
  • How long does the process take and when is the best time to hire a career coach?
  • A state of mind that often prevents people from optimizing their careers
  • The ideal client for each coach

Career optimization is a point of passion for each of us, so we should have been able to spend the whole day discussing this topic.

If you want to inform the future topics of these events, especially if we discuss other topics that we want to expand further, and you are committed to collaborating to create a more conscious corporate landscape. If so, Join C3 now You can access the replay.

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Karen Huller, CEO of Epic Careering, Consciousness Conference (ConCon) and C3: LinkedIn’s Corporate Consciousness Co-op Community.. She is the creator of Corporate Consciousness Ripple Blueprint and Laser Sharp Career Focus: Identify your goals and passions in 30 days.. In 2006, she founded Epic Careering, a conscious career and leadership development company specializing in executive branding, talent and value alignment, and conscious culture.

Most of Mrs. Haller’s 20 years of professional experience is in the recruitment and employment industry, but her publications, presentations, and coaching are also from self-development, performance, broadcast, marketing, and sales experience. You can get it. Her solutions incorporate neuroscience, human performance optimization, bioenergetics, and psychology breakthroughs, accelerating relationships as leaders look to business and global sustainability. Helps to increase influence, engagement and productivity.

Mrs. Huller was one of the first LinkedIn trainers and is widely known for her ability to identify and develop new trends. She is a certified professional resume writer, a certified career transition consultant, and a certified clinical hypnotherapist, earning a literary degree in communication research and drama from Ursinus College, and a minor in creative writing. I am serving.She blog Recognized as one of the top 100 career blogs in the world by Feedspot.

Mrs. Huller was an assistant professor of communication at Cabrini University and an assistant professor of career management and professional development at the Le Bow College of Business at Drexel University. As an instructor at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, she won the 2019 People’s Choice Awards, with two students winning the 2018 National Convention, being selected as America’s next top young entrepreneur, and (virtual). Helped to make it into the Top 8 during the period. 2020 national convention.

She is a board member of the Upper Melion Community Center, which helped establish the company, and an advisor to the Women’s Leadership Program at Florida International University. Due to her service as Vice President of Gulf Elementary PTC, she has been recognized as a Public Education Partner and Promoter by the Upper Melion Area Education Association. Mrs. Haller has also been the lead singer for the rock cover band Harpers Ferry for 20 years. She lives in King of Prasha, Pennsylvania, with her husband, two daughters, and many furry, feathered, scaly pets.

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Career Optimization-Answering Calls for Conscious Leadership Career Optimization-Answering Calls for Conscious Leadership

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