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Cargo Boost Bridge Upgrades Announced on 25 Sites

Higher Mass Restriction (HML) vehicles will be given more access in the Tenterfield area after it was announced that work will be done on 25 bridges to facilitate cargo movement.

In addition to the New South Wales Government’s $ 3.18 million package, the federal government has promised $ 600,000 to upgrade and extend the useful life of these bridges.

There are numerous bridges throughout the Tenterfield area. These measures are expected to allow the continued movement of important cargo while the council plans a new structure.

Deputy Prime Minister and Congressman Barnaby Joyce of New England said the freight industry is an integral part of the Australian economy.

Joyce, Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, said:

“It is in the interest of all Australians to ensure the safe and efficient movement of goods throughout the country, so the Australian Government is helping to upgrade these coveted infrastructures.”

The bridge set up for the upgrade contains three structures on Villilim Barrode. Two buildings on Mount Clunie Road. Two buildings on View Creek Road. Black Swamp Road, Hutongs Road, White Swamp Road, Castle Rug Road, Sunnyside Loop Road, Reach’s Garry Road, Back Creek Road, Gould Falls Road, Silent Globe Road, Mount Superior Road, Karen Creek Road, Boolock Road , Springfield Road Structures, Cheviot Hills Road, Lower Rocky River Road, Urbenville Road, Wallaroo Range Road, Mole River Road, Barlows Gate Road.

A total of $ 3.18 million upgrades will be funded through the Government of New South Wales’ Fixing Country Roads program, with $ 600,000 in federal drought community program expansion and an additional $ 245,000 from the Tenterfield Shire Council. Offer is included.

The Interim Bridge Solutions project also undertook some preliminary research on the Paddy’s Flat, Torrington, and Reach’s Garry Road structures.

Paul Toole, New South Wales Minister of Transport and Roads, said HML vehicles have been able to access these bridges for up to 25 years with funding from the New South Wales Government through the Fixing Country Roads program.

“Our $ 543 million Fixing Country Roads program supports significant upgrades to our road network to improve cargo efficiency across New South Wales,” said Toole.

“The upgrades to these Tenterfield bridges will lead to region-wide freight access from now on until the bridges can be phased in to support the continued growth of state-wide freight tasks. Reduce the impact.

“Projects like this may sound small, but they are an absolute game changer for cargo operators who rely on them to move from A to B as quickly and safely as possible.”

Northern Australia’s Agriculture Minister and Congressman Maranoa David Littleproud said the upgrade provides a quick solution to improve the load capacity of many dilapidated bridges while planning long-term upgrades. rice field.

“There are many dilapidated bridges in the Tenterfield area. These measures will keep the freight industry moving and may help communities, freight operators and the agricultural industry for years to come. We can continue to explore the new structure, “says Little Proud.

Scott Buchholtz, Deputy Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport, said the upgrade will not affect freight activity in the region and operators will continue to be able to move the goods that Australians depend on.

“Repairs vary from bridge to bridge and include strengthening existing timber structures, replacing some other structures with complete timber, upgrading with prefabricated concrete components, and in some cases alternative routes that deviate around the bridge. “I will,” said Buchholtz.

New South Wales Senator Jim Moran said upgrades are important to ensure that these bridges meet the needs of the community in the future.

“These upgrades will change lives and save lives, and are another example of the Liberal Party and the National Government offering to New England,” Moran said.

“Projects help create jobs, support economic recovery, connect communities and improve security.”

Through funding from the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Bridges Program, the Australian Government Bridges Renewal Program, and the Council, three bridges on Paddy’s Flat Road and one each on Leeches Gully Road, Torrington Road, and Graham’s Creek Road will be replaced with new ones. Additional funding was provided. Specific structure. These projects are expected to be completed in 2022, as weather permits.

Cargo Boost Bridge Upgrades Announced on 25 Sites Cargo Boost Bridge Upgrades Announced on 25 Sites

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