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Carlin is the first team to promise to participate in the fledgling electric scooter championship eSkootr, sponsored by former F1 drivers Alex Wurtz and Lucas di Grassi.

Called the “World’s First Micromobility Motorsport Series,” eSkootr races in major cities around the world and uses machines designed and manufactured by Williams Advanced Engineering.

It aims to make motorsport more accessible and affordable, promoting the “cost, convenience and sustainability benefits of micromobility”.

Founded in July last year by a group led by former A1GP team Lebanese driver Karil Besil, eSkootr will host its first competitive event in late 2021.

In addition to the recent expansion to IndyCar, Carlin, best known for his wide range of junior single-seater programs, is the first of ten teams to sign up.

Before the pre-season test program in early summer, we will run three unannounced riders.

Trevor Carlin, principal of the team, said:

“As a racing team and business, we are always interested in exploring the possibilities of new series, especially those that are trying to break the mold and open up new technologies.

“We started to assess the potential of eSC and quickly realized what opportunities it offered.

“What really appeals to us about eSC is its affordability and accessibility.

“It takes a really new approach in terms of overlapping racing, technology, and real-life mobility.”

The team, which has run Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Lando Norris and others in the junior division, has already evaluated the riders and said they plan to deliver three eSkootr machines in the coming months. ..

Audi Formula E driver Di Grassi, officially listed as an eSkootr Sustainability Ambassador, said: ..

“I think we will succeed in the same way with two wheels and four wheels.

“I know Trevor well because I played against Carlin in Formula Three in England in 2004. Their involvement further demonstrates our seriousness as a championship.

“We have filled the first slot of the 10-team slot. We are discussing with various other operations, so we are demonstrating the benefits of acting quickly and diversifying into micromobility sports.”

Beschir said: “We are pleased that Carlin’s fame and successful organization has chosen to partner with us in the eSkootr Championship.

“It shows how seriously we are already taken and is a true test of what we are doing.

“I started talking to Trevor last year and it soon became clear that he really understood and embraced the concept. He showed how his operations would be part of it. I understand.

“In addition to working with Carlin to provide equipment with eSkootrs, we are also conducting a trial of the final chassis prototype and discussing it with many other international teams.”

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Carlin commits to a series of electric scooters supported by a new former F1 driver | Other News Carlin commits to a series of electric scooters supported by a new former F1 driver | Other News

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