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Carlos Correa He kept his balance perfectly. As the high slider approached, Correa weighed down and went in the opposite direction, changing the braking pitch to a right-field bleacher. He knew he had it right away, as was the case with a crowded crowd.

Oh yeah, Corea is getting hot.

Correa hit a two-run home run and reached the base three times with a 6-5 victory over the Astros Rangers at Minute Maid Park on Saturday. It was the latest productive night at Corea’s office, which began to flash his all-star talent again.

“I loved his swing today,” said third baseman. Alex bregman.. “He hit the slider in the opposite field. You have to be really strong to do that. Then, at his last turn at bat, he stayed through another slider to the left fielder. did.”

A great night on Correa’s plate was a continuation of what he did recently. Correa arrived safely at the base four times on Wednesday and Friday, raising OPS by 67 points in the final quartet. For the Astros, Correa’s reappearance was a welcome sight given his recent brawl.

Correa sprinted from the gate to start the season, boasting 1.011 OPS in 10 games, but just as quickly crashed into Earth. From April 13th to May 13th, Corea reduced .216 / .264 / .314 significantly with 110 at-bats. Despite the small numbers, there were signs that Corea was reversing the course.

First, there were the underlying statistics. During the aforementioned stretch, Corea was xBA (Expected batting average) Is .296, the average exit speed is 90.9, and it ranks about the 90th percentile. Simply put, Corea was hitting the ball hard. That should theoretically lead to good results. it’s not.

For Corea, there was also an element of luck. Rather, the lack of it. During that one month period, Corea had a .238 BABIP. In contrast, Corea’s carrier BABIP is .313. Translation: Correa was out of luck.

The law of large numbers tends to solve these things.Home runs, walking, Saturday doubles, Corea’s slash line sits at 120 at .259 / .325 / .435 wRC +.. If Correa is hot, expect them to continue to grow.

“His swing looks really good,” Bregman said. “He’s in great shape when he’s driving the ball in the middle of the field. He really seems to be doing a great job of getting the ball done.”

“He’s hitting the ball well,” said Astros manager Dusty Baker. “He’s hitting a great ball. He works hard in the cage, so everyone likes to see the results, especially [hitting coach] Alex Syntron. You always want to see the fruits of your efforts, and tonight it rewarded him and us. “

The possibility that Corea will start to heat up should tremble to the collective spine of the pitching staff throughout the league.

Houston is already one of the best attacks in Major League Baseball without Correa playing at the peak of his power. On Saturday, the Astros led the batting average (.264), wRC + (119), and majors. fWAR (8.6), production fueled by ordinary suspects.

Yuli Gurriel and Jordan Alvarez are two of the best hitters in the majors. Bregman, Jose Altuve, Michael Brantley and Kyle Tucker all provided their classic work. Adding Correa to the mix makes the Houston attack even more dangerous.

“It’s great to see him smile,” Baker said. “It’s great to see him happy.”

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Carlos Correa’s home run wins the Astros against the Rangers Carlos Correa’s home run wins the Astros against the Rangers

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