Carlos Kremer has been awarded the “FightBook MMA World’s No. 1 Cage Announcer” award for the fourth consecutive year. – MMA Sports

Rio Rancho, New Mexico: Brave Combat Federation’s Roaring Lion, Carlos Clemmer Won the # 1 Cage Announcer of FightBook MMA at the 2020 World Awards! Former U.S. Marine Corps captain Clemmer, who has been awarded two Navy Distinguished Orders of Honor and Courage, has received the coveted FightBook MMA award for the fourth consecutive year (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020). .. As the voice of BRAVE COMBAT FEDERATION, Kremer surprises viewers around the world with its strength, delivery and performance, and is one of the types of MCs considered to be a show within the show. His many years of business, fascinating personality, and true attention to the future of MMA make Clemmer very unique in our sport.

It’s very rare for an announcer to be as popular or popular as the Fighters, but for this man it is. Countless fans want to take pictures, chat and be with the legend. Clemmer spends his time and effort meeting each and every one of them. Not only does he perform at the highest level every night, he also strengthens ties with all the countries he visits and acts as a peace ambassador for BRAVECF, the world’s fastest growing global MMA promotion. The “Roaring Lion” is now considered one of the best MCs in the entertainment industry today, not just in sports.

BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid told FightBook MMA about the award.: “For me, the FightBook MMA Award is very special because it focuses on global MMA and is one of the few MMA media that offers true journalism. This special award is all that has been involved in BRAVE CF since day one. This is part of and will continue to be part of our vision to reform the MMA industry. Creating an MMA from an event business to a sports business. Globalizing this sport and bringing dreams and talents to life. Create a platform with a sporting structure that allows your fighters to take the lead regardless of race, creed, color, nationality or marketability. This award is recognized by His Royal Highness Shaif Khalid bin Hamad’s vision. It’s very special to the BRAVE nation because it’s been done. So thank you to FightBook MMA, we’re here to change the game. “

World famous Cage announcer Carlos Kremer said: “I am very ecstatic and honored to receive the coveted World’s No. 1 Cage Announcer Award from FightBook MMA, one of the leading planets for martial arts journalists for the fourth consecutive year. Very much around the world. With so many talented cage announcers, it makes a lot of sense to me to be recognized as perfect for my job in mixed martial arts with a huge brave fighting federation. I’m now the top on the planet. It’s still unrealistic for me to be recognized as one of the elite MCs in the world of sports and entertainment, not just as a cage announcer. It’s like a big dream, frank. I never want to wake up. I am very grateful to be awarded this prestigious award from FightBook MMA, a company that makes a significant contribution to all martial arts, not just MMA. First of all, I would like to thank my beautiful wife Teka for her timeless support to make all this possible. She is a legitimate star in her own right and 20 a year. The selfless support of my career with over 10,000 miles of travel shows that she is truly amazing. She and our children London and Crimson are endless to me. It’s inspiring and motivating. I’m very happy to show them what efforts, honesty, concentration and passion can be created in this life. I’ve done a lot on this journey. I’ve experienced some extreme challenges, such as a widow’s heart attack, multiple surgeries, and having a beautiful blind and autistic daughter. But my family’s timeless support is Kirick. , Phil, December, Faith, Gustavo, Valeria, Shahid, Mansour, Gerin, Jess, Gar, Levin, Hadi, Aaron while traveling the world with my best friends like this incredible Brings so much awareness, and countless others make it all worthwhile. For Brave’s vision and support, who believed in me from day one with Brave CF’s “Hawk” President Mohammed Shahid. We would like to thank our wonderful leader, His Royal Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al Harifa. Freedom to eat up Mike intensely and excite and entertain the audience. Fans will never forget and give a fighter an absolutely worthy introduction. This sport is all about our warriors and the extreme sacrifices they made, and my bond and love for them is endless. Thank you to my friends all over the world. This is the 4th time. Every time you roar at BRAVECombatFederationCage, you really feel you, your energy, and your love, so this award is for all of us to enjoy. 🙏

Carlos Kremer-President of Kremer Insurance and Farmers Insurance Group
Captain USMC-Recipients of two Navy Merit Awards for Honor and Courage
World’s No. 1 Cage Announcer-BRAVE COMBAT FEDERATION 2017, 18, 19, 2020 by FightBook MMA
Writer / Reporter Military Press
Host of “Roaring Lion Radio”

– MMA Sports

Carlos Kremer has been awarded the “FightBook MMA World’s No. 1 Cage Announcer” award for the fourth consecutive year. Carlos Kremer has been awarded the “FightBook MMA World’s No. 1 Cage Announcer” award for the fourth consecutive year.

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