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Following Sainz’s winter move from McLaren, Ferrari has always planned to offer two F1 podium finishers a private run in one of the old cars to speed up for the new season. It was.

Pre-season testing was shortened to just three days in 2021, down from six days last year. The runout of one of Ferrari’s old cars was intended to help Sainz assimilate with the new race crew and get used to the team’s system.

Ferrari announced last week that it will conduct a five-day test This week’s Fiorano test track will feature seven drivers, including Sainz, using the 2018 Ferrari SF71H. The car is more than two years old, so there are no restrictions on its use in testing.

On Wednesday morning, Sainz rode a Ferrari truck for the first time, adorned with car 55 and wearing a black and red helmet.

Sainz has been on the track for the first time since his last appearance at McLaren in Abu Dhabi about six weeks ago at the end of last season.

Since then, Sainz has already spent a lot of time with Ferrari at the Maranello factory, working with his new colleagues and completing some runs on the simulator.

Sainz plans to complete an extensive test program on the course Wednesday and Thursday mornings, giving the team an opportunity to get used to it.

He is already in Fiorano this week working with an engineer while Monaco’s driver is driving his teammate Charles Leclerc on Tuesday after more than 100 laps.

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Sainz will have the first chance to test drive the 2021 car Ferrari SF21 during the pre-season test in Bahrain from March 12th to 14th.

Haas F1 driver and Ferrari Jr. Mick Schumacher will take over the SF71H’s cockpit until Friday afternoon after Sainz’s on-track run ends on Thursday. After that, Ferrari’s test driver Callum Ilott will conclude the test.

Ferrari youths Giuliano Alesi, Robert Shwartzman and Marcus Armstrong appeared on Monday’s test and shared their duties throughout the day at Fiorano.

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Carlos Sainz debuts Ferrari F1 in Fiorano Carlos Sainz debuts Ferrari F1 in Fiorano

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