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Charlotte, NC- Carolina Panthers Run back Christian Maca Free He will miss at least a few weeks due to the tense hamstring he suffered on Thursday night 24-9 victory so HoustonSaid Matt Roll on Friday.

Roule did not rule out putting McCaffrey on the injured list as the running back Pro Bowl takes further tests to determine the severity of tension.

“They are still doing a lot of diagnostic tests, so I don’t know if it’s a week, two weeks, three weeks, or four weeks,” Rhule said.

First draft topic Jacey Horn After breaking three bones in his right leg, the season will probably be quite long. Cornerback and his family are in the process of deciding on the best course of action, whether it is surgery or allowing the injury to heal spontaneously.

“It hurts me to see these guys work hard and get injured,” said Rure, who didn’t rule out Horn and the disabled list for safety. Juston Barris (Injury at the base of the leg).

Horn talked about the injury in a tweet on Friday and said he would “get well.”

McCaffrey’s injury occurred at the beginning of the second quarter when he ran two yards to the left. He spent 22 minutes in a sideline medical tent before walking to the changing room on his own.

Like McCafree, Horn’s injuries were non-contact, and the results of tests that Horn conducted in Charlotte on Friday were not immediately apparent. The injury was similar to the tight end that Greg Olsen suffered when he broke the fifth metatarsal of his right foot in 2017 and was absent for nine weeks, including goodbye.

Ruler refused to speculate on whether a short week or artificial turf was the cause of the injury. But for the first time since 2015, Roule believes the 3-0 Panthers are better suited to deal with this adversity than they were a year ago when McCaffrey missed 13 games due to an injury. Told.

“We are a better football team,” said Roule, who played 5-11 in 2020, his first season as head coach of the NFL.

rookie Chuba Hubbard And veteran Lois Freeman The game on Thursday ended with a running back. Hubbard had 52 yards in 11 rushes and 3 catches in 27 yards. Freeman made five rushes at 17 yards.

Hubbard, from Round 4 Draft Topic Oklahoma, Expected to be the first up of the game next week Dallas..Panthers are trying the original Cleveland Browns The Texans, who are repelling Duke Johnson on Friday, told ESPN’s Adam Schefter sources.

Asked if the Panthers could sustain their success without McCaffrey, left a tackle Cameron Irving “We are a soccer team. We are not a Carolina Christian McCafreeze.”

Quarterback Sam darnold McCaffrey said he was “sad” when he spoke after the match. Darnold told McCaffrey that it was important not to come back in a hurry and that he assured him that “it’s okay without him.”

“Obviously, we want to get him back,” Darnold said. “But I want him to take the time now to make sure he’s fine at the end of the season.”

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Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey appears for weeks due to hamstring injury Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey appears for weeks due to hamstring injury

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