Carrier Command 2 announced by MicroProse

Microprose We welcome you on the bridge of future careers. You are in command and the mission is simple. Make the most of the combined arms army you are on board to conquer the islands of the archipelago.

This is what Carrier Command players in the 80’s were experiencing, and this is Microprose We are reviving this modern and ambitious remake.

Carrier command 2 It will be released on Steam for PC and Mac in the second quarter of 2021.

What will happen to the Carrier Command 2 experience?

Carrier command 2 Strategies, plans and teamwork on an attractive and manageable scale. True to the tradition of MicroProse, Carrier command 2 Meaningful decisions are everything.

Strategization: Gather information from vehicle radar, choose trading tools, and launch attacks where enemies are vulnerable. The approach you take to a situation plays a big role in the outcome.

Plan: Once you have occupied the island, you need to defend it with the resources it provides. Ensuring that these supply lines remain open is the key to your survival. Think ahead.

Teamwork: Make the most of the synergies of different units to create combined arms attacks and win battles efficiently. Besides, get in all the vehicles and take part in the action. Lead from the front!

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