Carrying your progress from outriders demos to full games is so easy

Outrider demo progress

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next delay And a one-month demo period, a predatory shooter Outrider It will be released today on basically all platforms except Switch. If you play the demo and you are on the same platform, you can take over the progress to the main game. This is what developer People Can Fly revealed from the jump. But how seamless the transfer process is is amazing. It just … happens.

Really. It’s very easy.

Download the entire game and log in to see all the characters you created during the demo (up to 6). Holds all equipment and in-game currency. In the story, you will be exactly where you were. On the PlayStation 5, you could also use the fancy activity card feature to jump directly to the end of the demo, “Talk to Jakub and go to the first city” storybeat.

However, there are restrictions on the PC.You are Will not be able to Keep track of progress from Steam demos to full Epic Games Store games. It’s also worth clarifying that progress is related to the platform, not the account. If you’re getting the game through your Xbox Game Pass, you won’t be able to continue your progress from the PS5 demo.

It’s refreshing that People Can Fly has made easy data transfer possible. Such ease is not always the case. We hope that the beta progress will be erased throughout the game (to see: the Avengers), But that doesn’t have to mean that the same principles apply to solid demos. Such a smooth continuation is a pretty good selling point and should increase the number of players who want to pay to pick up a game that has finished demoing.

As far as the demo is concerned Outrider One offers pretty decent chunks of the game, including a prologue with lots of cutscenes and the entire first chapter, with all the side quests One painstaking social hub.. The prologue is certainly mediocre, but when you gain power at the beginning of Chapter 1, gameplay opens and Outrider Will be one of the games that cannot be put. It’s a demo, except for the fact that you have to do that. (After completing the prologue for the first time, you will be able to create new characters at the beginning of Chapter 1.)

Outrider Currently available With the game pass on the Xbox console. Not included in the Game Pass PC library. In the next few days, we’ll think more about the game as a whole.

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