Cartoon legend

What’s wrong? Google is hosting a new cartoon legendary gift. Let’s listen to them.

Get the cartoon legend for free!

A word about the cartoon legend

It looks sloppy, but a strong hero is coming!

A fun RPG to build with a tap with the “captain” who protects the town

Create a city full of heroes!

A city where various heroes live!

Collect heroes with different jobs and personalities one by one!

All heroes can be opened with coins collected in hunting!

Your own town that no one can imitate!

Let’s make a city with various decorations!

A resort like a town where the main character can rest? A hero factory like a town?

It doesn’t matter what you want! Let’s decorate yourself!

Grow your hero in different ways!

Tower of Challenge to fight a broken hero!

RAIDS fighting a giant dragon!

Boss fight that fights the boss with a powerful attack!

Grow heroes with rewards that can only be obtained from each content!

Last note

Log in with your Google account to download the game and install it on your device.

Isn’t that great news? Click the button below and follow the instructions listed. It’s that easy! Do I need to be notified first? A huge list of active Giveaways and contests can be found on the Giveaways and Free Steam Keys pages.

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