Carval Space Program 2 was delayed in 2022

Nate Simpson, Creative Director of the Kerbal Space Program 2, has announced that the game has been postponed from its first fall 2021 release to 2022.

Simpson announced the news on the official forums of the game, “When we started this project, we knew we were tackling a huge technical and creative challenge. Quality is the best from this community. I’ve heard many times that it’s a priority, but I feel the same. It’s not enough to provide a lot of new features. These features need to be woven into a stable and sophisticated whole. We are creating a reliable foundation that players and mods can do as well.
Build for more than 10 years. It involves solving problems that have never been solved, and it takes time. “

It’s far from the first delay the game has ever suffered. Originally revealed at Gamescom 2019, it was launched with the intention of releasing it in 2020, but there was a delay in the fall of 2021 shortly after the studio change.

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