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“They will always be an important part of the studio’s history,” says EA.

BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson and Dragon Age Executive Producer Mark Darrah have announced their departure from the studio.

Hudson began his tenure at BioWare in 1998, eventually serving as project director for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect. He left the company for the first time in 2014, but returned in 2017 after a short spell at Microsoft.

In a new post announcing that he has resigned as General Manager of BioWare to “give way to the next generation of studio leaders,” Casey said, “It’s not an easy decision. Such big changes are always happening. Some sadness. “

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“It’s the biggest and most exciting project I can imagine, and I miss being able to work with exciting developers every day,” he continued. “But I also know that this is a good time for change, both for myself and for BioWare.”

Mark Darrah, executive producer of all of BioWare’s mainline Dragon Age games, showed similar feelings in his own departure post, and his decision to retire from his position at BioWare was “very difficult.” I wrote that it was a thing.

“A team of great developers at Dragon Age makes my life richer and better. They taught me a lot, but the strength of the team also makes this possible. I know that Dragon Age doesn’t. Just survive without me and it will prosper. “

Christian Dailey, who joined BioWare from Blizzard, will lead the studio’s latest Dragon Age project after Darrah leaves. Gary McKay, Senior Director of Development Operations at BioWare, will be General Manager while EA aims to play that role.

In a supplementary statement, Laura Miele, EA’s Chief Studio Officer, said: , We appreciate their many contributions and look forward to seeing what they will do next. “


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