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Cash livestock market at noon

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Cash livestock market at noon

Direct cattle cash trading got off to a quiet start this week as buyers and sellers have inventories. Bids and suggested prices have not yet surfaced. Look for businesses that grow as the week progresses. Last week’s trading was marked at nearly $ 120 in the South and was stable, $ 1 higher than last week’s weighted average. The dressed business was nearly $ 191, much the same as last week’s business.

Boxed beef is mixed at noon when the demand for light meals is low to medium. Choices are $ 0.76 higher at $ 339.74 and choices are $ 1.28 lower at $ 310.50. The Choice / Select spread is $ 29.24.

In South Dakota, feeder cows under £ 900 were $ 4 to $ 8 higher and steering above £ 900 was consistently $ 1 higher compared to last week’s sales. Feeder cows under £ 750 were up $ 2 to $ 6 and above £ 750 were consistently up $ 1. According to the USDA, demand was very good for all weights and classes, but the highest demand was for cattle ending later this year and early next year. Many yearlings are offered and the drought continues, forcing cattle producers in the worst areas to sell early. The market was active. Receipts increased that week, and that year and feeder supply included 58% of steers, 85% of which were over £ 600. Medium and large 1-feeder steer £ 754 to $ 796 went from $ 139 to $ 161.50, and feeder steer 951 to £ 993 went from $ 118.50 to $ 135.25. Medium and large 1-feeder heifers from £ 653 to $ 699 ranged from $ 130 to $ 149, and £ 706 to 746 pounds of feeder heifers ranged from $ 131 to $ 145.50.

Due to the strong numbers negotiated, a large amount of cash will be consumed at noon. Processors continue to make aggressive procurement efforts, and prices reflect that. Strong demand for US pork in the global market and domestically has been a major driver of prices and is expected to continue. National Daily Direct’s Barrow and Gold are $ 0.85 higher, with a base range of $ 99.84 to $ 118 and a weighted average of $ 106.66. There was no comparison for the Western Corn Belt, but the weighted average was $ 115.57. Prices for the Iowa / Minnesota and Eastern Corn Belts were not reported due to confidentiality.

Butcher pig prices in the Midwestern physical market are stable at $ 75. In Illinois, the price of slaughtered sows was stable, with moderate to high demand for mass demand of $ 38 to $ 50. Handrails and gold plating were strong, with demand for medium to heavy commodities moderate to good, ranging from $ 71 to $ 76. Wild boars ranged from $ 45 to $ 50 and $ 12 to $ 18.

Pork prices rose significantly at noon, rising $ 3.23 to $ 136.52. Picnics, hams, bellies, and hips all rise sharply. The bat and ribs are low and drop sharply.

Cash livestock market at noon Cash livestock market at noon

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