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Cashify Acquires UniShop to Allow Played Smartphones to Be Sold Online

The popular e-commerce platform Cashify diversifies and expands relationships with offline retailers, helping them sell their refurbished smartphones online. Cashify’s acquisition of UniShop, an omni-channel retail solution platform, allows businesses to open a full-fledged online store. This new service line will be rebranded as PhoneShop.

Cashify has been supplying refurbished smartphones to offline mobile retailers. However, due to restrictions, these retailers only sell regenerated phones offline. This new service line will help offline retailers expand their market to online space and even increase revenue.

“This collaboration resonates well with Cashify’s commitment to democratizing technology and strategic growth in the e-commerce space. Moreover, it’s an extension of our team and we’re excited to partner with Unishop. Especially in the Covid world where retailers need to digitize to reach their full potential, market and retailer needs and not only survive in this pandemic, but long-term it. Some services are seen as opportunities for business growth, “said Nakul Kumar, COO and co-founder of Cashify.

Through its omni-channel suite, UniShop provided retailers with solutions such as management, customer management, multiple billing modes, inventory management, online store development, custom domains, marketing, multiple payment options, and personalized promotions. Founders Hitashi Garg, UniShop, Ankit Kushwaha, CTO, Unishop, and other members of the team will be part of Cashify.

The e-commerce platform Cashify is in enhanced mode. Cashify, primarily an e-commerce portal, has 60 offline stores in the country. In June of this year, the company shared plans to increase its offline retail stores to 150 by the end of 2021. The company has stores nationwide, but focuses on the untapped markets of the Southwest and Central.

To date, Cashify has provided services related to smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, DSLRs, game consoles and earphones. The company also plans to expand its offering by including more product lines in the future. However, the smartphone category continues to drive most of the business. The founders believe that in the smartphone category, the refurbishment market will perform better than the new smartphone market.

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Cashify Acquires UniShop to Allow Played Smartphones to Be Sold Online Cashify Acquires UniShop to Allow Played Smartphones to Be Sold Online

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