Cast members with the most ranked Instagram followers

Instagram has the potential to be a lucrative company for the right reality TV star, with the largest number of followers for these 90-day fiance franchise stars.

Social media has become an integral part of everything 90th fiance Star Journey, and Instagram are the most popular and lucrative platforms that cast members often visit. Most of the franchise alums have generated quite a few followers on Instagram, but some have become well-meaning superstars.

Being an Instagram influencer is invaluable to anyone who knows how to use the platform and deliver content that attracts followers.In most cases 90th fiance Cast memberThat means shilling apple cider vinegar gummy or flat tummy tea. This gives you extra cash, but it’s not a lot of money that the most popular stars can scrape.

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These franchise alums have reached the top of their bottom line of revenue potential and are attracting a large number of followers who are enthusiastic about their lives. The highest number of followers isn’t always what you’d expect, but there’s something special that attracts fans.

8. Larissa Lima

Larissa’s main Instagram account is @larissalimareal, There are only 739 thousand followers.she @larissalimabackup The account has an additional 40,000 followers, bringing the total number of followers to 779000, Instagram figures more popular than Larissa From Chantel Everett, who has her own spin-off.

7. Annie Swan

90-day fiance Annie Swan

On Instagram, Annie has 783,000 followers, far superior to her husband David Toborowsky on social media.Annie has gained support by accepting her with her food-based brand @annie_suwan_toborowsky An account that shares a lot of videos of her cooking native to her hometown. NS 90th fiance Stars are also expanding into fashion, making the most of their social media presence.

6. Alexei Brovarnik

Lauren Alexei Pillow Talk 90-day fiance hoodie call

Not surprisingly, Alexei was able to attract 793,000 followers as part of the franchise’s most popular couple.About him @alex_brovarnik Account, Alexei mainly shares photos of his family and fans don’t seem to get enough information about him Lauren, a child and wife.AlexeiThe number of followers proves that healthy content is as popular as racy content.

5. Anfisa Arkhipchenko

Anfisa Nava Jorge Arkhipchenko Weight Loss Money Work in 90 Days Fiance2

Amphisa is controversial among franchise fans, which hasn’t stopped her from attracting 816,000 followers, but many accounts may be following. @anfisanava_ I’m a fan of her not following 90th fiance.. Anfisa has established a fitness career that attracts followers from outside the realm of reality TV fans.

4. Paola Mayfield

Paola 90th fiance Instagram is a star and currently has 1.1 million followers. She receives many fan criticisms for some of her more suspicious decisions. Paola made some strange career moves, But all that controversy led to her @paola_mayfield An account that has one of the largest number of followers in the franchise.

3. Jesse Meister

Jesse Me Star 90 Days Single Life

Jesse has grown a very specific brand on Instagram, 90th fiance Fans felt he was exaggerated and his extravagant lifestyle atmosphere helped him attract his 1.2 million followers. @jessemeester account.He used to be a side character on the show, but now he’s 90 days: Single life, He may start to get more followers.

2. Darcy Silva

Darcy Silva: TLC: 90 days fiance

It’s almost poetic justice that Darcy and Jesse have the same number of followers on Instagram, @darceystacy When @jessemeester Never follow each other. There is a clear bitterness between the exes, both franchise megastars in terms of followers.

1. Lauren Brovarnik

Alexei and Lauren 90 Days Fiance Pillow Talk

Lauren And her husband Alexei Both have a lot of Instagram followers because they are loved by fans, @lorenbrovarnik I have most of the franchise stars. A whopping 1.3 million followers regularly follow Lauren’s children’s cute pictures, postnatal training trips, and sponsored content.

many 90th fiance Stars have a surge in followers as soon as they first appear on the show, but these cast members are more of a fan interest than any other cast. Followers aren’t everything in life, but these stars have some serious numbers behind their names.

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Cast members with the most ranked Instagram followers

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