Catharsis Office is a side-scrolling action game.More out

Especially in the workplace, it is difficult to say “no”. You’ve had ridiculous requests and pointless instructions from your boss in past gigs, right? But don’t be afraid. The road to Jesusman is nearing its end, and the Norfolk era is imminent. You can now practice setting those boundaries in a stupid side-scrolling action game. More than challenging you as an intern to finally lower your dung foot. Use the power of your voice to send a brute force colleague to the office and never steal your lunch again.

I think it’s all about saying no! Looks more wonderful and ridiculous fun. There are bright colors and thick low-poly characters that are reminiscent of Katamari Damacy. It has a ridiculous energy similar to that, I just decided to shout “No!”. Blow them up with people and around the office. I’m particularly tickled by my colleagues spraying printed paper clouds here and there, especially when being thrown back by the power of your words.

“Get started from a given path in a quirky office environment with simple controls designed to be picked up and played by anyone,” says Studio Fizbin. “Charge your NO! To confuse people with different actions, relax alertness, and have even greater impact on your unprotected colleagues.”

You can create your own intern persona with different faces and outfits. Thanks to Studio Fizbin’s charity initiative last year, you can also choose the language you want to shout “No!”.

I expect it to be on the simple and refreshing side. It still looks like a riot, and I’m fine to laugh instead of a fierce fight. Seriously, aren’t you just saying “no” to someone who is as scary as a fist fight? I definitely need practice dealing with one of them more than the other. My only question is whether I can count play as a professional development.

Say no! More are out and can be found on Steam for £ 12.14 / € 13.49 / $ 13.49 and 10% off until April 16th.

Say no! More is also one of the top 10 games in April that we’re looking forward to this month.

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