Catopia: Rush is a promising action RPG with a cat theme.Sign up for Closed Beta here

Cats are natural warriors, endowed with sharp razor claws and even sharper murder instincts. No wonder they make such great video game characters.

Catopia: Rush is the first game of California startup Supercolony, with lots of cats. Step into the fantasy kingdom at a cat hero party, cut down monsters and get loot, like a cat-based Alkero.

Your ultimate enemy is the Dark Lord. Exploring a huge and colorful game world, spending time dealing with his minions while raiding the dungeon at a raid party consisting of several deadly cats, each with their own role, skill and personality. I will. ..

Catopia: What we like about Rush is that it was developed from scratch for mobile, with a palm-friendly portrait orientation and an interface that allows you to do everything with one thumb.

Really, it’s a pretty original input mechanism. When your thumb is on the screen, use the floating joystick, and when you release your thumb, the team of cats will automatically start shooting and deploy special abilities.

Despite the subtle simplicity of core gameplay, Katopia has a lot of depth: the squad formation element of the rush. With a wide variety of cats at your disposal, you can keep snipers, casters, tanks and more outdoors. How you organize your squad will determine what you will experience in combat.

Not only do these cats behave differently, they also look different. You can see various designs in the trailer above. Katopia: The rush looks great and has a fascinating cartoon aesthetic and lots of personality.

Catopia: I’m happy to be able to play Rush. You can also play by signing up for the closed beta location starting November 18th.

The application is published on the game’s official website, so go there now and book a spot.

Catopia: Rush is a Promising Cat-themed Action-RPG, Sign Up for the Closed Beta Here

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