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GTA Online is like Xenomorph in many ways. It is a symbolic beast that creates a parasitic relationship with its host and refuses to die. It also prospers unexpectedly during quarantine.

Grand Theft Auto 5 celebrated its seventh birthday in this harmful year, but Los Santos was busier than ever. The game sold 400,000 copies in the UK in less than four months in the midst of the first national blockade. Its success may have something to do with the * ahem * player-led alien gang war that consumed the game (and most social media) in April.

But if you need a cool example of GTA Online’s lasting relevance, Sony led the terrible thing at the PlayStation 5 public conference. In 2021, Rockstar’s service sandbox will land on a rival to the monolithic mini-refrigerator and its router. This is the first of its kind to span three generations of consoles.

So he lifted an army of pandemic dust rabbits, and the rock stars just gave them something new and expensive. Enter the Kayo Perico Heist on the left stage. GTA Online’s “biggest update ever” and controversial rock star added to explore the entire tropical island-in theory, this is amazing.

Fans asked rock stars to expand the map for years, and the trailer made Cayo Perico look like a new social space. An apocalyptic firefest that allows players to confront all sorts of community-led hygiene. Sadly, it’s far from the truth. With up to four friends, you can join a dangerous and endless looking high energy set like Limmy’s Show’s Raving Dad (the pulsating DualSense haptics are pretty cool!), But Cayo Perico has an official open world. There is no free roaming. Armed guards distract you as you try to explore.

Don’t stop my son spending the time of my life!

If you want to see more, the contact for this robber at the VIP nightclub under Diamond Casino is Miguel Madrazo. He can’t harp like one of the psycho fans suffering from HBO’s succession and get the word optics out of his mouth fast enough. To prove himself to his estranged father, he needs to rob Cayo Perico and retrieve the documents of the Madrazo family who have sinned from Kingpin, the drug trafficking organization that owns it. If you obey, you are his Tom Wamsgan’s cousin Greg.

Based on your assumptions, you can start setting big scores that require you to buy $ 2.2 million in submarines, office buildings, and motorcycle clubs. If you don’t have them yet, they will bring you back to a cooler million. Without a bell or whistle, if you need to buy a shark card, it’s £ 31.99 for real money.

Unfortunately, the additional content is struggling to justify the price. Submarines are hard to reach, so they are a kind of weight. All Cayo Perico missions start at the center of their nerves, which is inevitably frustrating. You’ll have to spend at least three minutes just arriving at the shore to retrieve your car, especially if the mission time is set. As you can imagine, it’s a consistent slogan that you can fix it with more money.

* Record Scratch * Yeah, that’s me. You are probably wondering how I got into this situation.

At least it’s a lot more interesting than the mandatory arcades of Diamond Casino Heist. You can dig deeper into Brinnie or store your optional vehicle inside. And depending on whether you’re a sadist, submarine homing missiles may justify your spending. This is another optional upgrade and perhaps the most ruthless addition to Greefer’s arsenal since the Orbital Cannon. It’s like hitting a V2 rocket or an ICBM. Antisocial forces sit on the beach and haunt the proletariat, not knowing that they are dead or even what happened when someone attacked them.

In one of many dull preparatory missions, while a helicopter man hovered with a bike-sized bomb in his head and two companions firing unstoppable missile barrages between deaths. I had to fight the man. It was a hilarious proof of human condition-and it was like being bullied by NATO. Let’s just say that when the finale arrived, I left a lot of sessions and was very happy to be able to escape to the tropics.

Any submarine towed, you actually head to the island on a private jet and get a “chop-beaten” quote with my favorite GTA online character, Dave the Rave. CayoPerico’s 30-minute cutscene does a lot of hard work this extension. Led by impressive characters such as the Soviet sailor Pavel, I was really looking forward to the next modern rock star game. This text is usually harsh, but often sensitive, and downplays our current cultural moments in the fleeting stories that these irregular updates allow. The nature of the file sent to steal is retained from the player to the end to support long jokes. I believe that the difficulty of playing this problematic extension almost compensates for the rewards.

Even the description of a new car cannot miss the opportunity to make a joke about social distance.

To trick El Rubio into visiting Cayo Perico, disguise yourself as the tour manager of the actual Berlin DJ group Keine music playing the set on the beach. To get into the spirit of things, I got a mullet and shaved a tram on my eyebrows to go to a 6th year disco. However, Kwenchy Kups and VO5 are neither the atmosphere of Cayo Perico nor the impressive musical focus of the entire update. Rockstar has once again added some serious names and songs to the game. There are three new radio stations and some exclusive songs. Includes an incredibly good (not yet released) track from Burna Boy that you can hear in the update trailer.

UK Drill conducted an investigation through Joy Orbison’s Still Slippering Los Santos, and Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas tells his own station, Kult FM. It is a stack of songs from The’s’This Is The Day’introduced by Mr. Shaw’s David Cross before New Order, Ariel Pink, and even Mac DeMarco intervened in the spiritual skit of space about space commuting. ..

Huge songs from Tierra Whack and Zack Fox’s “Bean Kick In” cut FLYLO FM’s latest mix, with the new take of the old station most prominent. Show us a game that has a better range and quality of licensed music than GTA Online. You can’t, so don’t try it.

Still, the refreshingness of the music can’t save this update from its lukewarm monotony. Beyond the finale, precursor preparation and gameplay on the island do not match the promises of this new location.

It’s a shame that you can’t explore Cayo Perico on your own because of the gorgeous scenery.

Forced Stealth Scope missions run around the lush, detailed landscape of Cayo Perico taking pictures. But you are walking without weapons and are always under the cosh. It’s hard to enjoy the environment created by Rockstar. Many vision cone guards breathe in through their necks. It’s like Afghanistan in Metal Gear Solid 5 with no mechanical nuances.

You can spend hours looking for cutting powder to poison the guards’ water supply and assembling hooks to scale the sanctuary inside El Rubio, but in the end the mission is confusing. Beyond the extra finances, it feels a bit futile because you are more likely to fall into the benefits. Getting out of your field habits feels like a lot of effort for a little reward, especially if you are keen to get your money back as soon as possible.

One of the few truly game-changing aspects of Cayo Perico Heist is that it can be completed solo for the first time. This is great news for many lone wolves in the GTA online community. I’m really grateful for this, but as I found on my first visit, the time to scoping a secondary target is pointless as I can only duffle two stacks of optional loot. felt. I can understand why group play is still encouraged, but if a solo completion is offered, there is a way to put the work in (with the difficulty of reflection) and reward your efforts. must. Payday 2 does this very well by allowing you to hide and zipline your bag while infiltrating alone. Co-op remains fun, but if you want to do it all yourself without compromise, you have the option.

Looking at this cool guy in his camouflage, he’s trying to find out that his four-hour scoping wasn’t worth the effort.

On Cayo Perico’s best run, I found a drainage tunnel, procured cutting tools from Los Santos, went inside undetected, and went through the entire mission with a silent pistol. I felt rewarded for my efforts-I didn’t regret it took to succeed, but when I returned to Los Santos I had to hurry back to this so-called paradise I felt it wasn’t. Defeating the system is not fun to take a step away from catching and throwing away a new place that is otherwise interesting.

That’s really disappointing, as Cayo Perico even has a decent Easter egg, perfect for a free roaming shenanigan. Elrubio has a portrait of his ancestors in his compound-they happen to be the real characters of Red Dead Redemption 2. There are many things that jump into the water around the island, such as alien eggs and the eagle Loch Ness monster-eyes. I imagined group diving with friends, treasure hunts, and even a simple bike race in the jungle with strangers, but without the glitches that are likely to be fixed soon, officially Is impossible.

Rockstar is really confused as you won’t lose anything by letting players explore this place after completing a mission. It’s another arbitrary blockade of games full of them. Aside from the high production value, we expected that leaving the mainland would mean a more meaningful and playable gameplay experience online, especially ahead of the next-generation release. I think what I’m trying to say is that another alien civil war is needed …


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