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CBD entrepreneurs sell Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece for $ 6.16 million

John Soden House, a dazzling Neo-Mayan jewel built by architect Lloyd Wright, has traded $ 6.16 million in Los Feliz.

A unique and striking mansion, one of Southern California’s finest examples of Neo-Maya architecture, resembles a temple, but also compares it to caves and the gaping mouths of great white sharks.

According to records, the seller is Dan Goldfarb, the best-known cannabis entrepreneur in the founding of Canna-Pet, which sells hemp products designed for animals. He plans to buy iconic real estate for $ 4.7 million in 2018, transforming it into a cultural center for art and events.

The purchaser is Nate Dane Sugar, a family member who owns the Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles. He is the latest in a long line of prominent owners, including the painter John Sorden, from whom the name comes, and George Hodel, a LA doctor nominated as a suspect in the Black Dalia murder case. It will be a thing. For this infamous tie, Property website The house claims that it may hold the key to an unsolved mystery.

Wright, the son of prolific architect Frank Lloyd Wright, built his house in 1927 using concrete textile blocks that showcase Maya’s decorative themes. The house floats above Franklin Avenue and enters a dramatic tomb-like staircase through a copper gate.

The cave-like atmosphere continues, and the stone fireplace supports the living space with warm wooden floors. Throughout the 5,600-square-foot space, there is a swimming pool and spa surrounded by art installations, with window walls surrounding the courtyard.

Due to its unique appearance, the mansion has appeared in several films such as “LA Confidential” and “Aviator”. It is also registered as a National Register of Historic Places.

Compass’s Ryan Ponce and Sherri Rogers kept the list. DPP’s Juan Longfellow and Louise Leach represented Daneshgar.

CBD entrepreneurs sell Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece for $ 6.16 million CBD entrepreneurs sell Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece for $ 6.16 million

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