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September 20, 2021. A company is developing a nasal spray for epileptic symptoms using a cannabis extract that is delivered to the brain in nanoscale polymer particles. Virpax Pharmaceuticals Inc. In Berwyn, Pennsylvania Nanomerics Ltd. London, UK

Virpax Pharma develops non-addictive Pain treatment and neurological treatment Instead of the latest systemic therapies given as oral or injectables, they are delivered as directly as possible to the source of the symptoms.One of its product lines Provides therapeutic peptidesAs a short chain of amino acids, nasal drops, according to the company, inhaled peptides cross the blood-brain barrier to relieve pain from cancer and other causes and treat post-traumatic stress disorders or PTSD. I can. Nasal drops are packaged in disposable cartridges and are delivered nasally with an inert gas. The inert gas can be administered by the clinician or caregiver as needed.

The provision of these therapies uses a process licensed from Nanomerics. Molecular envelope technology.. With this technology, Nanomerics encapsulates therapeutic molecules into nanoscale biocompatible polymer particles sized 50-300 nanometers. According to Nanomerics, polymers self-assemble around insoluble or peptide molecules, providing stability during transport and rapidly releasing their contents upon delivery. As a result, Nanomeric says higher doses of the drug can be safely delivered to those targets, including brain cells.

Under the agreement, Virpax Pharma has obtained an exclusive global license from Nanomers to apply molecular envelope technology to nasal drops that treat epileptic seizures with cannabidiol or CBD compounds. The agreement also requires Nanomeric to conduct preclinical animal studies of Virpax’s CBD candidate, codenamed VRP324. The financial terms of the contract have not been disclosed.

From the olfactory nerve to the brain

CBD Cannabis sativa Although it is a plant, it does not produce the emotional height associated with marijuana, which is also a derivative of cannabis. National Library of Medicine In the United States, about 80 chemicals known as cannabinoids are said to be associated with these plants. One of these chemicals, CBD, a non-toxic derivative, makes up about 40% of the cannabis extract and has been extensively studied for a variety of disorders.Epilepsy and related disorders have been shown to respond to CBD, and in 2018 the Food and Drug Administration Approved CBD-based therapies Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome are two rare and severe epilepsy cases.

Virpax Pharma is developing VRP324, which is delivered as a powder to the nose and to the brain via the olfactory nerve for patients over 1 year of age. Tuberous sclerosis complexA rare genetic condition in which a benign tumor grows in the brain. The tuberous sclerosis complex can also cause intellectual disability, autism, and behavioral problems, but it can take years before symptoms appear. Virpax states that VRP324 has also been developed for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.

Anthony Mac, Chairman and CEO of Virpax Pharma, said: Company statement The company’s tests have shown that nasal delivery bypasses the liver. “We believe that CBD is not metabolized in the liver, which may reduce concerns about drug-drug interactions and the need to adjust dosages. Of other related drugs.” Mack said, “VRP324 is We believe that this is the first step in building a neuropathy treatment pipeline and will extend the use of new delivery platform technologies to multiple categories of neurology. “

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CBD Epilepsy Nasal Spray Licensed Delivery Technology «Science and Enterprise CBD Epilepsy Nasal Spray Licensed Delivery Technology «Science and Enterprise

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