CD Projekt admits that Cyberpunk 2077 may have too many dildos

Unlike the rest of the treehouse, I haven’t played that Cyberpunk 2077. Still, I’ve heard from many that the game is absolutely full of dildos of all shapes and sizes, sex toys of the cock that erupt from all cyber. The madness of hackers and corners across the future landscape of the city of Night City. Well, even the CD Project seems to admit that it’s all a bit more. Developers plan to curb the “distracting” propagation of plastic dongers.

This disturbing dildo density was discovered by Kotaku, and Nathan Grayson carefully cataloged the various forms that occur throughout the cyberpunk environment. It appears on street corners, bins, behind restaurants, and on Saints Row, which can also be equipped as a weapon. style.

Senior quest designer Philip Weber defended Todger’s scatter and explained that the team wanted Night City to be “quite sexually open.”

It’s a strange attitude, heart. I don’t say I’m hanging out in a particularly horny circle, but when I think about sexual liberation, I often don’t think of dildos that are unplannedly scattered like fallout loot. So the second part of Weber’s discussion may come up. Even with their intentions in mind, cyberpunk loot tables can unintentionally fire many dicks, even for sexually open citizens of Night City.

“The second reason for the large amount of dildos in the world is that they can be spawned as random loot. We were still adjusting the settings, especially in the early reviews, where the amount of dildos was quite high in the game world. Adjust the dildo so that it doesn’t get too distracted out of place or context, and doesn’t appear where it should be by design. “

Weber states that CDPR continues to mess with the number of loot until the number of dildos feels more comfortable, and recent fixes may have already helped some of the problem. Of course, cyberpunk was launched with some more pressing problems, the fewest of which are the very realistic genitals that cut through the player’s clothes.

Anyway, our Aliceby thinks it’s a better place if cyberpunk always looks up. This is mainly for fine weather and to avoid clipping NPCs, but it doesn’t make any sense as there is much less will in the clouds.

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Cyberpunk 2077 has too many dildos, will patch some of them out

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