CD Projekt aims to “rebuild lost trust” with Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 – Opposite of Smooth Launch (Photo: CD Projekt)

CD Projekt tried to explain what went wrong with Cyberpunk 2077. They claim that they “do not encourage gamers to return the game.”

Over the past few days, CD Projekt has gone from being one of the most respected and trusted developers in the world to one of the most cursed developers. The terrible performance of Cyberpunk 2077 on the console and their apparent attempt to hide it until the last moment possible.

Above all, this has caused their stock prices to fall, forcing company executives to call emergency investors, and President Adam Kitinsky said, “We are sticking to our values. We will do everything we can to prove that “and” we really hope our efforts will allow us to rebuild the trust we have lost.

The phone was also used as an attempt to explain exactly what happened, but there were various messages among executives, and Mihau Novakovsky refused to meet the pre-Christmas deadline. He argued that focusing on the PC version was the main issue.

“We don’t say we felt any external or internal pressure to launch that day –
Other than normal pressure, which is common in all releases. So that wasn’t the cause, “Nowakowski said.

“After three delays, our board focused too much on the release of the game. We underestimated the scale and complexity of the problem and refined the game with a base final-generation console. I ignored the signal that additional time was needed, “said Kiciński in a slightly contradictory opening statement.

“It was a wrong approach and contrary to our business philosophy. In addition, we played games mainly on PCs during the campaign period, which gave us the trust of gamers and our lives. The reputation that has been built up through most of it has been lost. “

The coronavirus was also due to problems, especially with regard to the organization of external testers, but CEO Marcin Iwiński lacked console version footage and review copies as the developers worked on the game “to the very end.” I explained that there is.

“Unfortunately, this ended up giving it to reviewers just one day before its release. It was definitely too late and the media didn’t get the opportunity to review it properly. It was intended. We didn’t. We were fixing the game until the last moment, “he said.

No one seems to have an answer as to how the game went through the authentication process of both Sony and Microsoft, which is supposed to prevent the release of the apparently broken game, Nowakowski said: It states in. “We plan to fix it at the time of release.”

It’s all a terrible mess, but it’s clear that Sony and Microsoft could have stopped the release of the game, so it’s clear that they’re part of the responsibility, and if it was a less noticeable title. Certainly did.

To add to the turmoil, executives can also confuse the message over refunds, and Iwiński claims that the company “does not encourage gamers to return the game.”

“I hope they give us the opportunity to improve it on older generation consoles. One fix was released last weekend. The other will come within 7 days,
The option, obviously, and the easiest way is to ask the retailer for a refund. If that is not possible, we will also provide support. “

It’s already clear that Sony, Microsoft, and many traditional retailers aren’t keen on paying back games, and customers are reporting inconsistent results in trying to get their money back.

The entire launch so far has been catastrophic. There is an offer that CD Projekt will support a refund scheduled to end on December 21, which means that next week’s patch will be less important than the two scheduled for January and February next year.

Investors seemed more interested in how much it would cost to fix the game, arguing that CD Projekt was irrelevant.

“Unfortunately, we can’t share the costs associated with the additional work, but the cost of patching the game is irrelevant to what we’ve already spent,” said Piotr Nielubowicz.

“So there’s no question. We definitely want to fix the game. We made a promise to gamers, and we do everything to stick to it.

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CD Projekt aim to ‘rebuild the trust we have lost’ over Cyberpunk 2077

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