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It will be available on iOS, Android and PC in December.

Gwent, a free-to-play witcher-themed card battle, is trying to get a little witcher thanks to CD Projekt’s new Way of the Witcher extension, which will be released on December 8.

“In a world plagued by horror and monsters, humanity desperately needed a new type of weapon to reverse the tide,” said Sceneset CD Projekt, “Created by Ingenious Arzul, The Witcher.” -Professional monster slayers of extraordinary strength, speed and agility-had a mission to completely end the threat … some of them were destined to become legendary heroes and guardians of humanity. Others were exactly what they were supposed to fight … “

In more practical terms, the expansion of Gwent’s Witcher Road introduces 70 new cards with different Witcher school themes. 10 cards that are unique to each of the 6 factions in the game, and 10 neutral cards that can be used by all factions.

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Gwent: The Witcher Expansion Trailer Road.

These cards include new abilities and mechanics such as adrenaline that will trigger you to play less than a certain number of cards. All of these are aimed at providing a “fresh synergy” on the battlefield. There’s a long video with the announcement of the expansion, which analyzes some of these new cards in more detail.

On December 8th, for iOS, Android and PC, the Way of the Witcher will be available to all players for free, but the CD Project sells three pre-order packs with a variety of expansion themes. We provide items and cosmetics. For example, the £ 38.49 Alzur pre-order pack contains 25 premium barrels, Alzur lab boards, and Alzur Premium Neutral Cards.

The Extraordinary Pre-Order Pack, on the other hand, costs £ 11.59 and includes a Way of the Witcher shape shift cardback and Alzur’s Journey’s 10-level boost. There is also a £ 42.39 combo offer that combines the contents of both previous packs into one.


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