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Following a statement addressing the mess of Cyberpunk 2077 on the base Xbox One and PlayStation 4, CD Projekt yesterday held a board meeting to discuss game release issues and a little more about the development process just before the game was released. I made it clear. And, perhaps not surprisingly, those final generation versions seem to be pretty hot.

The call began with a statement by Adam Kiciński, president of CD Projekt. He reaffirmed the company’s commitment to patch it over the next seven days, fix Cyberpunk on the final-generation consoles, and make even bigger updates in January and February. “We will do everything we can to prove that we are sticking to our values,” said Kiciński. “We sincerely hope that our efforts can rebuild the lost trust.”

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The opening statement also mentioned why the game was released in such a mess on the final generation consoles.

“After three delays, our Steering Committee focused too much on the release of the game. Additional time to underestimate the scale and complexity of the issue and improve the game on the base final generation console. I ignored the signal that I needed it. It was the wrong approach and contrary to our business philosophy. Besides, during the campaign we mainly showed the game on the PC. , The trust of gamers and the reputation we have built through most of them has been lost. Our lives. “

Curiously, this explanation seemed to be inconsistent with a comment from Michaela Nowakowski, Senior Vice President of Business Development later on the phone. He was due to his focus on the PC version rather than the latest generation consoles, but there was pressure to release the game on time. It wasn’t an important factor.

“I can’t say I felt the external or internal pressure firing on a day other than normal pressure. This usually matches the release … but that wasn’t the cause.”

Kiciński also suggested that the Covid-19 pandemic is hampering game development. Internal testers were able to continue working from home, but external testers had to use a test center and couldn’t work without it. “The number of testers has declined slightly, but I didn’t point out that it was the main cause of the problem,” he added.

In response to a question about why CD Projekt didn’t show footage of games running on final-generation consoles, co-founder and co-CEO Marcin Iwiński said that CD Projekt “last-generation consoles to the very end.” I was updating the game with. ” I thought it would arrive on time. “

“Unfortunately, this ended up giving it to reviewers just one day before its release, and it was definitely too late. We didn’t give the media the opportunity to review it properly. .. It wasn’t intended. The game until the last moment. “

When asked why the game’s performance degradation on the final generation consoles wasn’t reported during the Sony and Microsoft certification process, CD Projekt seemed to believe that the release would fix these issues. is. Nowakowski said the obstacle is “definitely on our side.” Not a failure due to a third party platform.

“I can only think they’re counting on fixing the issue at the time of release,” he said. “Obviously it didn’t work as we planned.”

So what will the game look like after all these patches and the latest generation console updates? According to Nowakowski, you can expect it to run without crashing, eliminate major bugs, and improve both performance and graphic fidelity. CD Projekt shouldn’t expect the latest generation of cyberpunk to run on the same standards as PCs and next-generation consoles, but “it’s a great, playable, stable game with no glitches or crashes.” Repeatedly stated. CD Projekt considers issues such as NPC and AI behavior to be within the general category of bugs, suggesting improvements in these areas as well.

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For anyone considering a refund for Cyberpunk 2077 (which CD Projekt suggested was an option in yesterday’s statement), this seems to work with the platform’s standard refund procedure. “Despite some articles I’ve seen that things are set just for us, that’s not really true-these policies are in place and are always in place. They are not offered specifically for us, “confirmed Nowakowski. “The steps at Microsoft and Sony here are the same as the other titles released at these storefronts.” On the same phone, CD Projekt also said he didn’t want to encourage customers to ask for a refund. It was. It is actually sending some mixed messages.

For the development team’s schedule for the coming months, the team will take a break before focusing on the patch until February. The release date for the game’s multiplayer mode has not yet been confirmed, but Kiciński said the team needed to “re-evaluate their location” due to an unplanned situation. We are currently focusing on managing single player releases from both a patch and communication perspective. CD Projekt seems to be trying at least the latter-even if many fans aren’t happy with the answer. I think CD Projekt’s share price has fallen a bit in recent weeks, but it could have something to do with this emergency meeting.


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