CD Projekt Red addresses the most edgy fans of Cyberpunk 2077 marketing

Cyberpunk 2077 Mastered parasocial advertising so that only the best influencers can do it.Exchange Twitter account for games joke Even though Elon Musk, and the tech billionaire mask, fit the clichés of many cyberpunk villains, Cyberpunk 2077 Share a similar online presence, create controversy, and win an army of loyal defenders on every tweet. Game marketing includes Fred Durst-style fake edge Nesper Sona, which defines conversations about the game. Cyberpunk 2077 There are already one of the 20 most followed game subreddits and haven’t come out yet. CD Projekt Red isn’t always the right reason, but we asked everyone to talk about the game.

CD Projekt Red

My skepticism began when the game released the controversial “Mix It Up” promotional poster in June 2019. This poster featured a female model that could only be described as a huge, swollen penis. I couldn’t imagine the leotard that stuck to her skin. I could even see the veins. At the time, some fans called CDPR advocating posters, but the images were exploitative, mockery, and transphobic. “I like how this person looks,” said Cassia Redeshuk, the artist who designed the poster at the time. “But for corporate reasons, this model is used — a beautiful body is used — they appear there as well, and that’s a terrible part of it.”

I don’t buy it. Criticism of queer commercialization may have been part of the core of the idea, but the result is commercialization itself, with transgender defined by sexual objects and deviations suitable only for sexual objectification or rejection. It becomes an object as a creature.

CDPR’s marketing department already had a history of transphobia cases before the poster was released. In September 2018, Cyberpunk’s official Twitter account returned to its most edgy, earliest public phase and tweeted tired, “Did you assume my gender?” Make a joke in response to harmless compliments. A month later, a Twitter account on digital storefront GOG (owned by CD Projekt Red’s parent company, CD Projekt) hijacked the transpositive hashtag and joked about PC games. In early 2018, the account tweeted a tombstone labeled “Game Journalism, Suicide Death,” and the date of death corresponded to the launch of Gamergate. After criticism, the account deleted the post, apology..

GOG’s community manager has been fired for these tweets. But that doesn’t mean that a particular administrator is Fall Guys.It ’s about the long-swirling, pervasive and toxic attitude. Cyberpunk 2077, A stronger attitude as the game’s release approaches and CDPR increasingly appeals to the Elon Musk superfan market of their choice.

Cyberpunk 2077

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I didn’t believe the intent that CDPR stated around the Mix It Up poster, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t. become For real. When I was a kid, it was hard to get a story about transgender on TV and in movies. I learned to see the trance experience with something designed to mock it. In turn, boys dress up as girls, transform into punishments, and boys are forced into the indescribable horror of girls’ toilets. The poster seemed to be tied to the now-confirmed outlook that was rumored at the time to create a protagonist that resembled the character of the poster. The closest big-budget games seemed to embrace transgender characters, even with humorous humiliation, sitting side by side with exploitation dressed as social commentary.

The Mix It Up poster is reminiscent of highly transphobic images and ideas that very bravely exploit transgender people and connect them to the content of their underwear. Still, it’s deeply ironic in that it offers transgender people one of the few opportunities to see themselves and play as themselves in the game.

For all that, Mix It Up is arguably the most disruptive and controversial single moment overall. Cyberpunk 2077Marketing, but that’s what they decided to build.Since then, the game’s official Twitter account has been joking Their cancellation FIFA 78 Pre-order because there is no vaginal option, A joke that makes fun of their own potentially progressive genderless character creators, linking positive transgender expressions to ridicule, exploitation and humiliation. For CDPR Cisgender cosplayer as a mix-it-up girl among the finalists of the cosplay contest.. Even if the poster buys a line of companies that show how the quiabody is assigned to marketing, they dress up the Sith people in that quiabody as part of their video game marketing, and their entire discussion Is denied.

Perhaps if you think the model is in good faith, you’re trying to create a trans-positive cosplay, trying to further emphasize the weird commercialization that CDPR first talked about, or just the wrong ally who made a mistake this time. I’m bad (still predictable) news for you.The cosplayer in question, Yugoro Forge, tweeted it Her outfit is “beyond politics” And when the facts are imposed she Cyberpunk 2077 She replied, wearing an inhuman transgender outfit that was already frequently violent.Many Sith men and women also face harassment and violence on a daily basis... “

Talk to two characters in Cyberpunk 2077

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With a long, hyped preparation before release, Cyberpunk 2077 We maintain a consistent headline with gameplay demos and night city previews. Again, marketing is at the forefront of the fan base when you have full control over the content that CDPR highlights and you have the space to put it into context.I don’t even know if the whole game will be that edgy, but it’s clear that CDPR wants fans to do so. Think That will happen.

Defender Cyberpunk 2077 It may refer to one of the most featured features in the pre-release, the character creator who doesn’t connect gender to genitals. It’s true that this means that the game offers the opportunity to create a transgender protagonist. However, in-game gender is still associated with voice. In other words, when you are called a woman, you usually have to choose a voice actor with a feminine voice. For me, and in my experience, for many other transgender people, voice is much more important than genitals. No one can see the contents of my pants, but everyone is listening to me. To really create a trance character like me, you need a more generally “female” body and more generally a “male” voice. Junk isn’t that important to me, especially in first-person games.fact cyber punk Sticking to junk as the ultimate feature of transgender, without considering voice, repeatedly joking about customizable genitals in marketing activities, but with a complete transgender perspective in both design and advertising A game that shows that it is missing. It’s also worth noting that for character creators who are proud of their comprehensiveness and depth of customization, nothing is said about non-binary options.

Not only criticism of Transfolk’s portrayal Cyberpunk 2077 It has also been accused of using racist images. The game includes Voodoo Boy, a white gangster wearing Haitian gear as a commentary on cultural appropriation in the original board game. Cyberpunk 2077 A real black Haitian and racial stereotype. The Asian gangster, Tiger Claw, is a strange fusion of different East Asian cultures, all armed with swords, despite the world’s high-tech advances.

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Cyberpunk 2077The ad is yelling at the quiet part. Throughout marketing campaigns, we are always careful to stick to the inclusion of diverse characters with stereotypes and humor designed to maintain spiky, anti-SJW, anti-awakening personas and mimic unique ideas. Thus, we have gained an army of fans to protect it from criticism, whether it is from transphobia, racism, or crunch accusations. The company may have gained fans through this reactionary and edgy marketing style, as the ghosts of Gamergate are still approaching the game.

Again, no one knows how well any of these controversial themes will work. Cyberpunk 2077 itself. This is a completely different issue and will be analyzed when the game is released.The much bigger problem is Cyberpunk 2077 This new form of populist video game marketing has shown that not only is it successful, but it can also form an unbreakable bond with games that fans haven’t played yet. Would it have been so successful if CDPR hadn’t yet had such a unique enthusiastic fan base? Cyberpunk 2077 Wasn’t there a double playground in the future setting and the world of dystopia? I’m not sure.

But what is most disturbing is not how loyal the CDPR fan base was through all this controversy, but all controversial CDPRs have deliberately decided to let them through. They may have had a really good meaning in the Mix It Up poster for the first time. But to remind it in a cosplay contest, to keep joking about vaginal options, to challenge racial stereotypes: they are all active choices. CDPR has a fan base that chases them to the ends of the globe, but instead of taking them to positive and progressive places, they are in a unique position to tackle discrimination and toxicity that is rampant in the gaming community. Rather than using the lowest common denominator each time.

No matter what else you think, it’s hard to deny that it worked. This means that other games may copy it in the future.

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