CD Projekt Red resolves the “misunderstanding” and states that there is no special refund policy for Cyberpunk 2077

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CD project The red manager Cyberpunk 2077 Existing retailer policies apply On the phone with yesterday’s investor, And said the company does not encourage anyone to return the game.

Investors twice asked CDPR to clarify what was happening with the refund, concerned about how it would affect game sales. The company is not ready to announce the number of refunds processed. Many of the processes are subject to Sony and Microsoft refund rules.

“It’s important to understand. Microsoft and Sony have a refund policy for all products that are digitally released in stores,” said Mihaunovakovsky, SVP of Business Development. “Despite some articles I’ve seen that things are set just for us, that’s not really true. These policies are in place and are always in place. . They are not specifically provided for us. “

He continued:

Anyone who purchases a title on the PlayStation Network or Microsoft Storefront can request a refund, and usually if it is done within certain limits related to time, usage, etc. The steps here at Microsoft and Sony are the same as for other titles released on these storefronts. There seems to be some misunderstanding, and I would like to state it clearly.

The “misunderstanding” that Nowakowski tried to return is partly due to CDPR’s own previous comments.Yesterday the company told the player In a Twitter statement That everyone is dissatisfied Poor game performance on Xbox One and PS4 You can request a refund by pretending that this is an offer made directly by CDPR. “We always want everyone who buys a game to be happy with the purchase,” the company writes. “I would appreciate the opportunity, but if you’re not happy with the console game and don’t want to wait for an update, you can opt for a copy refund.”

The company has instructed owners of the digital version of the game to use the PSN and Xbox refund system, and anyone who buys a physical copy should return it to the store where they first got it. “If this is not possible, please contact us at helpmerefund @ and we will do our best to support you,” the company wrote.

And for many, that wasn’t possible.So Kotaku Both PSN and Xbox players reported yesterday The results are mixed..Sony policy A 14-day refund is available only if the game has not been downloaded or played.The platform makes an exception for “defective” products, but did not respond to requests for comments to clarify whether they are considering it. Cyberpunk 2077 Since it is currently running on PS4 (glitch, crash, etc.), it falls into that category.

Microsoft policy More opaque.. The only requirement is that the game was purchased within 14 days, but refunds will be made on a case-by-case basis. “We offer refunds for digital gaming products as part of a consistent and reliable purchasing experience,” said a Microsoft spokeswoman. Said Tom’s guide In the statement, before mentioning the site its standard refund policy and adding other questions about it Cyberpunk 2077 Must be transferred to CDPR. In other words, both companies are asking the other.

Kotaku I tried to contact the CDPR refund email earlier this morning to see what would happen, but so far I haven’t received a response. CDPR did not respond to requests for comment on the current state of the game on the latest generation consoles or the ongoing issues of players attempting to refund the game.

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