CD Projekt Red warns that employee details may have been obtained in a previous ransomware attack

Cyberpunk 2077 Developer CD Projekt Red warns that details of current and former employees can be entangled in stolen data. A ransomware attack that the studio received in February.

To Statement released yesterday, The studio has followed up on new information found during the investigation of the breach. “There is reason to know new information about the breach and believe that internal data illegally obtained during the attack is currently in circulation on the Internet,” he said.

“We have not yet confirmed the exact content of the data in question, but it may contain details of current / original employees and contractors in addition to the data related to the game. In addition, it may be related. It is not possible to determine if the data you are trying to do may have been manipulated or tampered with after the compromise. “

The studio states that it is working with appropriate authorities such as the Polish police headquarters and international organizations Interpol and Europol. The team also took additional steps to protect and strengthen its internal systems to prevent similar incidents in the future.

“We will also do our utmost to protect the privacy of our employees and all other parties, regardless of the authenticity of the data in circulation. We will do our best to the parties sharing the data in question. I promise to take action and I am preparing. “

studio First announced in February that he was a victim of a cyberattack, “An unidentified actor gained unauthorized access to the internal network, collected specific data belonging to the CD Projekt Capital Group, left a ransom note, and made the content publicly available.” CD Projekt Red was a hacker. Refused to surrender to the request, some of the data is reported to circulate in the shaded areas of the Internet.

If you suspect that you may have been affected by a data breach, we recommend the following: Get more information from the CD Projekt Red website and follow the guidance...

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January 1, 2018

CD Projekt Red warns employee details may have been obtained in previous ransomware attack

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