CD Projekt reveals the romance of Cyberpunk 2077 Judy after the mods unearthed an unused male V voice line • .net

CD Projekt revealed Judy Romance of Cyberpunk 2077 after the player found an unused male voice line in the game.

There may be spoilers first. Also, NSFW!

Last week, mods discovered that Male V could romance Judy on the PC version of the game via a simple code change inserted via console commands.

Doing so means that Judy’s romance scene occurs with a male V-body type and a male voice on top. Unchanged, Judy can only romance as a female figure and female voice type V.

Subsequent scenes with Judy, which are only possible after the romance scene is complete, also include a complete male V-audio piece. This duplicates the line exactly as the female V is speaking.

The following YouTuber Fredrick Flower NSFW video explains how to use a mod to play Judy Romance as Male V and includes an unused dialog.

However, there are some irregularities when playing Judy Romance as Male V. You can see a man’s figure in the sex scene, but V’s hand sometimes cuts through things. Later, in a scene involving Carol and Judy, Carol tells Judy and Male V, “Leave the girl to it.”

Some fans call this “cut content,” but CD Projekt officials denied that this was the case, and the male voice line said, “Something wrong that requires future recordings. He claimed that it was recorded only “to make sure you don’t miss it.”

“From a production point of view, it was easier and more convenient for the localization team to record all the lines with both voices, so I didn’t miss any mistakes that would require future recordings,” CDP said. The person in charge explained.

“This can vary from language to language, but just in case it was done almost everything.

“Judy has always been a female V-romance partner and it was an artistic vision from the beginning. The game never cut the male romance option.”

Cyberpunk 2077 contains four Romance NPCs, each with different V-type conditions. Panam requires V to be a male figure, but you can have any voice. The river needs a female figure and voice. As mentioned earlier, Judy needs both a female figure and a female voice. And Kelly needs both a male figure and a male voice.


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