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This weekend, Abu Dhabi’s Yasmarina Circuit will host the final round of the F1 World Championship, ending the time for Sebastian Vettel and Scuderia Ferrari. Over the six seasons of the team, he has 14 wins, making him the third most successful Ferrari driver after Michael Schumacher (72 wins) and Niki Lauda (15 wins). This weekend’s race is 118 in He has 12 pole positions, 14 fastest race laps, 55 podiums and a team with 1400 points.

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Difficult to overtake. The Yas Marina Circuit, designed by Hermann Tilke, has few opportunities to overtake, most of which is in the chicane area of ​​turns 8 and 9, with counter-move at the exit, crossing the racing line and turn 11 at the exit. Excessive slow braking will occur and may pass through very dusty spill areas. After turns 7 and 10, there are two zones where you can deploy DRS on the two main straights.

penalty. Ferrari Abu Dhabi And in general, racing isn’t very good for the team. Unfortunately, this may be the case this weekend. Charles’ life will be more complicated, so he will have to take a grid penalty in third place after his first lap at the Sakhir Grand Prix last week.

program. Free practice on Friday will be 13 hours (10 CET) and 17 hours (14 CET) local time. On Saturday, the final pre-qualifying practice will begin at 14 (11 CET) and the Grid Decider will take place at 17 (14 CET). The race will begin on Sunday, December 13th at 17.10 (14.10 CET).

GP SAKHIR F1 / 2020 – GIOVE DÌ March 12, 2020 Credit: @Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Sebastian Vettel # 5

“Abu Dhabi is a track that wasn’t very suitable for our car, so I hope it will be an interesting challenge. But I’ll do my best as usual and it’s the last race with the team so I enjoyed the best results. I hope you can get.
The years at Scuderia Ferrari have been a wonderful journey in which we learned a lot together. There were ups and downs and I was on the verge of winning the title twice, but it wasn’t. I’m happy to have won 14 races together, but I certainly wanted more.

This weekend I use a special helmet and thank the team and all Tifosi for their great support over the last 6 years. Next year, just because I’m wearing different colors, I want to chat with my friends who will leave Ferrari. Your passion and support is part of why this team is so special. “

Sakhir GP2020

GP SAKHIR F1 / 2020 – GIOVE DÌ March 12, 2020 Credit: @Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Charles Leclerc # 16

“We’ve come to the end of a rather difficult season. The first sector of the Abu Dhabi track is interesting, but the middle and last parts are a bit uninteresting. Even if the track managed to get on the podium last year. It wasn’t very friendly to Ferrari.
This year it will be particularly difficult to get good results here as there are three digit grid penalties to deal with as a result of the first lap collision at the Sakhir Grand Prix. I want to end the season with a compelling performance, so I will be as prepared as possible with the engineers to study all the strategic possibilities.

This is also Cebu’s last race with the team and, in a sense, the end of the era. It would be great if we could have a great race to commemorate this special moment. He has played a very important role in Ferrari’s history and deserves to finish this time with results that deserve a career in the team. “

Q & A When Diego Ioverno Vehicle operation engineer

Among the many areas where Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow must definitely improve for next season are pit stop procedures. In the final round of the season, 22% of team stops took more than 3.5 seconds. Replacing all four wheels any further is considered a serious failure. That number is far from the highest. The results of the season wouldn’t have changed much with fewer pit stops without serious mistakes, but there may have been some more points on the scoreboard.

“Sure, the number of stops above 3.5 seconds is too much by Scuderia’s past standards, but in most cases the stops aren’t optimal and are due to certain problems related to wheel nuts. Operations engineer Diego Ioverno explained: “The nuts have come off several times due to the lack of strength in the threads. This is a reliability issue that we are working hard to fix for next year. . “

Does problem recognition have a knock-on effect?
“Yes, that’s right. When they even unknowingly feel that they are using a more endangered component with an error in engaging a much smaller wheel gun, it’s throughout the procedure. It has a negative effect. It can be seen from the fact that for us the average time for a good pit stop is 2.73 seconds, which means there is room for improvement as well. “

What else can you do?
“First of all, it should be pointed out that the pit crew is relatively new, both on the crew itself and on the part of the organization, as part of the significant changes introduced in the last two years. Therefore, everyone involved in the pit stop. It’s clear that it takes some time for the gel to gel. No other sport requires more than 20 full syncs.

So the best teams are those who have been using the same crew for several years. Therefore, apart from reliability, you need to tackle this area through both specific training sessions and psychological and physical training. This is another winter priority for 2021. “

Abu Dhabi GP Facts and Numbers

$ 1.1 billion: Construction costs for the Yas Marina facility, which began construction in 2007. Construction was completed in 2009, the track was officially approved on October 7th of that year, and the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was held as the first race. There.

2. The number of times the World Championships have ended since this year. The 1963 South African Grand Prix was held on December 28th, but later the previous year, on December 29th.

4. Number of Ferrari drivers active in Abu Dhabi. Apart from race drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, Antonio Giovinazzi will debut with the Alfa Romeo steering wheel as usual, and Mick Schumacher with the Haas VF20 steering wheel during Friday practice.

117. The number of races Sebastian Vettel has driven for Scuderia Ferrari. It puts him fourth on the list led by Michael Schumacher at 180, then Kimi Raikkonen at 151, and Felipe Massa at 139.

121. The number of floodlights that illuminate the Yasmarina truck. High efficiency lighting consumes 40% less energy than a normal system.

Kimi Raikkonen

This week is the second day of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro test. I still work today at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit in the southernmost part of Spain.

This week in our history

9/12. In 2008, Kimi Raikkonen began a second winter test in preparation for the new season. The Finns completed 48 laps at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit on the F2008 wheel with a best time of 1.20.261.

10/12. Belgian driver, manager and collector Jack Swaters died in Brussels in 2010 at the age of 84. While at Ferrari, he participated in six F1 Grand Prix. After wearing a helmet, he founded the Francorchamps garage and, just a few years later, began a commercial contract with Maranello, becoming a Belgian prancing horse for many years. He was also one of the most important car and Ferrari souvenir collectors in the world.

11/12. In 2003, six-time world champion Michael Schumacher took over Mauriziocelli, a pilot of the Italian Air Force Jet Eurofighter Typhoon, holding the steering wheel of the F2003 GA. Three challenges were carried out over 600 meters, 900 meters and 1,200 meters. The first was clearly won by Ferrari, who demonstrated its acceleration skills despite the rain. Due to the wet surface, the plane won the overall championship in the second and third rounds, unlike 1981 when Gilles Villeneuve made good use of the F104 currently on the Fiorano truck.

12/12. In 2003, the test session at Fiorano Track was another victorious year for Scuderia Ferrari. It was Lucian Bruti, a test driver who drove both the F2002 and F2003-GA, who finished the work. The Brazilians ran a total of 105 laps, 34 laps in F2002 and 71 laps in F2003-GA. The best time of the day was 58.594.

13/12. In 2014, a large Christmas tree donated by the city of Bruneck to the company was illuminated by Ferrari for the sixth consecutive year. A giant fir over 20 meters high was illuminated by 18,000 low-energy lights.

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Cebu Time | Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2020 Cebu Time | Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2020

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