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WWE superstar Cedric Alexander replied to Mustafa Ali’s tweet, boldly stating that “expression is only promoted if it is profitable.” Cedric Alexander, a member of Hurt Business, posted a gif of the hairdresser scene in the 1988 comedy “Coming to America” ​​starring Sweets. “Heain’t Lyin”. You can see the exchange below.

In other news about Cedric Alexander’s stable “heart business,” WWE legend and former five-time WCW champion Booker T gave serious praise to the group in a recent edition of his podcast, and Cedric Alexander. And Shelton Benjamin at the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship at WWE TLC.

Booker said: I liked it, man. I said that, Cedric Alexander, he looks much better to me, man. I have to talk to him. I have to give him some clues about some things. I usually don’t speak this way, but hit me with a DM, and make sure I give you some knowledge. But other than that, I love it. “

Booker continued. “It definitely rubs these guys, do you know? It gives them game chips, and now it’s up to them [to see] How far do they take it? How big can The Hurt Business get out there and make fans feel a particular way? That’s what it really means, and Hurt Business is one of the hottest things on the show right now. I have to give him props, the MVP set up a lot, and he set up a great team around him, and I wondered about the addition of Cedric Alexander, but I tell you guy, he’s panting out. so, [with] I think a little direction, a little guidance, things can explode.

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Cedric Alexander responds to WWE racial issues Cedric Alexander responds to WWE racial issues

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