Celebrate a new class of Nova released by Black Desert this month

PEarly Abyss, the developer of the MMORPG Black Desert, is celebrating the next release of a new class of Nova in the game this December.

Celebrate a new class of Nova released by Black Desert this month

The latest character to join the Black Desert roster is Class Nova, which will appear in the Black Desert on console and mobile. Black Desert Online for PC will also be available on December 22nd.

To celebrate the new additional release to Black Desert, players can log in to the game and get some rewards with a bundle of three goodies. You can request your first bundle now with the launch of Nova. The second bundle will be released on December 17th and the last bundle will be released on December 22nd. These goods will be available until January 20th.

Nova is a strategic frontline fighter, a former princess of Calpheon who jumps into the battle between Morningstar and Tower Shield. Her plight is to regain the once promised throne. Her abilities include summoning guards from the center of the shield, helping to protect her, and creating frosty talons to defeat enemies. Nova indicates that the 21st class will join the Black Desert or Black Desert Online and the 13th class will be added to the mobile version.

In 2021, Pearl Abyss will take over the gaming service for the PC platform in February. They will also release more PvP content, PvP Crew Battles, in early 2021.

Pearly Abyss has also released a music video featuring singer and actress Mika Nakashima and YouTube pianist Harami singing “Yuki no Hana” featuring Nova. You can check it below:

Last week, Pearl Abyss unveiled the first look of gameplay at TGA2020 for the next MMORPG Crimson Desert, a fantasy medieval set title released in the winter of 2021.

Black desert Backward compatibility makes it available on PS4 and Xbox One, and PS5 and Xbox Series X. Black Desert Online on your PC. There is also a Black Desert on mobile.

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