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It seems that the more freedom people have, the less they understand and appreciate true freedom and its long-term implications. We are truly blessed to live in this era in history.

Each of us as human beings has a past and a story of a journey of life. By listening to others, you can gain a deeper understanding of your freedom. Mankind has made choices, some with great blessings and some with disastrous consequences.

The important thing is to choose what we do. What you do today will affect tomorrow, so it’s important to make the right choice.

Think about how our freedom of choice will affect our future, as well as the future of others who follow our example. Your heritage is affected because of the freedom we enjoy. Make sure your freedom does not leave the wrong legacy.

Choose to vie for the truth.

Some may say that they cannot believe in the absolute truth. Throughout history there have been battles for truth in all generations. Looking back on our freedom, we wouldn’t be in place today if our ancestors hadn’t fought for the truth they believed in when they founded America. They died happily for our freedom. We also have a duty to resist attacks on the truth. Otherwise, the freedom we enjoy will soon be lost.

One of the freedoms I love today is the freedom to pray for families, leaders, citizens, countries, neighbors, governments and more. We have the freedom to talk to people about God and, more importantly, the wonderful freedom to talk about God. Man. He is always available, caring and listening.

As God cares for you when we think about our freedom this year, we hope to think about how wonderful it is to have the freedom to entrust our care to God.

I hope you enjoy celebrating your freedom with this. July 4th This year from a different perspective.

Celebrate Freedom-Career Development Partner Celebrate Freedom-Career Development Partner

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