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Everyone knows the amazing sensations you get when you belt a sad song at the top of your lungs. Musician Ash offers some of the best heartfelt tracks we play repeatedly.Fortunately, her debut album Ashlyn A feature of her most famous song “Moral of the Story” was released today.

Celebrate the release of Ash’s debut album with the reaction of these fans and some of her amazing songs.

“The morality of the story (feat. NiallHoran)”

what “Lessons from this story” Is it even better? The bonus track previously featured One Direction’s Niall Horan and now features a great solo artist.From this performance Late Show with James Corden The duo also shows that it’s a great live show. If you need a good farewell song-this is reliable!

“Talk to my mother
She said, “Where is this guy?”
Said, some people fall in love
Sometimes with the wrong person “

“I without you”

This song has a lot of meaning to Ash for many reasons.One of them is that the truth behind the lyrics shares her story about how she was. Psychologically abusive relationship For many years. “Me Without You” shows how isolated and lonely she felt before she found the power to escape.

“Flashback, step through the scene
You are and i am very different
Touchdown, you made me believe
You made me believe, you did. “

“Until it collapses forever (feat. FINNEAS)”

Billie Eilish’s older brother Finius Sing with Ash, the “moral of the story” musician, in this gorgeous song. This duet is about loving someone, even though all the obstacles have been thrown into their way.Album fan favorite Ashlyn Not surprising.

“That’s all.
I don’t think there’s anything more romantic than dying with a friend
And I don’t feel sorry for myself
I don’t want to spend a little time loving someone else “

“It’s okay”

No, I’m not talking about BTS songs.Ash has herself A painfully relevant song titled “I’m Fine”.. The purpose of this song is to face each other every day, find the strength within you and continue.Even a little lyrics Too It’s relevant in some places, and the tempo makes us flutter and want to scream.

“I can hide from anyone else
And they won’t hit the eye
No, they can never say
When they are separated inside
It will be difficult
Keep it
Keep an eye on
Please raise your chin
We all sometimes need someone out there for us. “

The other songs on the album are “Love isn’t enough”, “When I get old”, “Save myself”, “Taylor”, “I’m not crazy anymore”, “Always”, “Serial Monogamist” “Ryne’s Song”, “Kansas”. If you don’t get in touch, you’ll be busy listening to this album over and over again. .. .. ..

Fan reaction

Of course, we need to share some great fan reactions Ash’s debut album.. So without any further effort. .. ..

Need to say more?

It’s much better when you find an album that you don’t have to keep skipping. Ash just did it!

Which song on the album do you like? can not decide!

Chandler from friend More relevant than ever.

I have to ask Ashlyn At full volume. .. ..Have you actually heard Ashlyn??

— —

Have you already listened to “Moral of the Story”?Which song Ashlyn What is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments.

Celebrating singer Ash’s debut album “Ashrin” – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/music/ashe/ Celebrating singer Ash’s debut album “Ashrin” – Film Daily

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