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Centurion adds eCanter to BHP operations

Electric truck ready for zero emission obligations at Mackay

Centurion’s first eCanter

Centurion, a transportation group focused on heavy combinations, mining and resources of bit big bore diesel drives, which are generally synonymous, announced the first electric truck.

This is the first move for the company, part of the country’s emission reduction policy, and in collaboration with a large mining customer, BHP, Fusoe Canter will operate at Centurion’s Mackay facility.

Therefore, Centurion provides third-party logistics (3PL) and network services to multiple mining sites in Central Queensland.

“Today is an important step for Centurion and an early step towards a low-carbon business across the business, and this newly deployed fully electric truck will bring this newly deployed fully electric truck to BHP,” said Justin Cardachi, CEO of Centurion. It is the basis for making our services more sustainable. “

“While deploying zero-emission vehicles in the fleet, Centurion is also looking for alternative fuel supplies that can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

“Centurion continues to invest in the latest trucks and is constantly looking for ways to apply new technologies to decarbonize our business.

“Currently, we are deploying highly productive vehicles throughout the fleet, exploring nature-based offset options, and accessing renewable energy throughout Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.”

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Fuso eCanter is distributed by Daimler Truck and Bus, with which Centurion has a long-standing relationship as one of the company’s trucks suppliers.

Daniel Whitehead, President and Chief Executive Officer, said Daimler is proud of its relationship with one of Daimler’s greatest partners, Centurion.

“Centurion is a pioneer in zero-emission freight transport in Australia and is adding a breakthrough Fuso eCanter to its fleet,” Whitehead added.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide Centurion with the only OEM electric truck with active safety technology in Australia.”

Cardaci said Centurion’s business continues to grow as Australia’s domestic freight demand grows.

“We continue to work with our partners to build a sustainable and reliable supply chain for the future,” he said.

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Centurion adds eCanter to BHP operations Centurion adds eCanter to BHP operations

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