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Cesaro says one thing was disappointing with his recent feud with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. It’s the fact that it was held in a closed set at the WWE Thunder Dome for the COVID-19 pandemic.

After WrestleMania 37 defeated Seth Rollins, Cesaro won several important singles wins and challenged Rains in WrestleMania Backlash Pay-Per-View.He talked to Ryan Satin “Out of Character” Podcast He was asked about being disappointed with what came out of the feud.

“Did you know I was disappointed? I wish I were in front of the fans. That’s one,” Cesaro said. “It was … like that match, build-up, everything. I wish I had been in front of the fans, but it was ThunderDome and it was still great.”

Cesaro also commented on the accumulation of title shots that began with the February 5 SmackDown defeating Daniel Bryan.

“It feels like a whole buildup from the first match against Brian to WrestleMania. Somehow I was able to generate that momentum, and I promoted Talking Smack, which was in the Roman match. It was brought in, “he said. “I felt it would have been great in front of the crowd, but things happen, do you know what I mean? So we make the most of it and hopefully You can get it back someday. “

Cesaro was also asked what he thinks he needs to do to get back into the title battle. He talked about how to constantly work on things from improving health, skills in the ring, promotional work to minor character tweaking. He feels like it’s definitely leveling off as soon as you think it’s great. He talked about how important momentum is.

“It’s really important to gain momentum,” Cesaro said. “I think the hardest thing is to gain momentum and sustaining momentum. If no momentum is given, that’s my next challenge. Regain momentum.”

Cesaro hasn’t been seen since DQ defeated Rollins in the SmackDown on September 3rd. This ended with a save by the WWE Hall of Fame Edge.

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Cesaro talks about Roman Reigns match and momentum Cesaro talks about Roman Reigns match and momentum

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