CEX attacks from customers and staff at a stunning £ 815 PlayStation 5 price •

High Street trade-in giant CEX has been accused of £ 815 for a pre-owned PlayStation 5. That’s a huge bulge compared to the console’s standard 450-pound RRP.

A quick check of the CEX store near Eurogamer’s Brighton office reveals that there is a significant amount of used PS5 inventory in the chain. But even customers and chain shop staff are reluctant to set prices.

Sony says more shipments will arrive by the end of the year, but the brand new PS5 console is now essentially sold out in the UK.

In the meantime, eBay is trading roaringly if it can avoid fraud. And CEX is now paying £ 650 in cash (£ 200 more than the console RRP) to encourage the company to sell the PS5.

British customers have experienced many problems trying to find their own PS5 before Christmas, demand has exceeded national supply, thousands of consoles have been plagued by resale, Amazon , I am suffering from the problem of worrying that the console will be lost or stolen during delivery. Communication network.

With all that in mind … well, it’s no wonder that CEX’s £ 815 price frowned.

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Is there anything I can do to stop the PS5 and Xbox Series X scalpers?

“The price is horrifying,” wrote an online customer review from an account named dontbegreedy. “Come to RRP £ 449, you’re fully cashing this and it’s no better than Scalper. Be a fair person. Yes, make a profit. You have a business fee of £ 500. But £ 815 is too much. “

“The disc version of the game costs around £ 450 and the PS5 costs £ 350?!?!” Another review reads.

Even chain store staff spoke to Eurogamer on anonymous terms to protect their work and told me they felt uncomfortable.

Some say they are worried about the reaction from customers who saw the £ 815 price being advertised outside the store, in the immediate vicinity of a store where the new console listed for £ 450 was sold out. Said.

“Obviously none of us think it’s good,” one staff member told me. “Prices are said to be as high as eBay, but when it was £ 750, it’s now even higher.

“CEX legally has the right to price what they want, but morally I hate it and scalping prices in a year when we can all use a little less junk to deal with. I think it helps keep it very high. The new console may uplift someone’s mood, and I personally play the game as a stress reliever and to get rid of my mind from things. I know to use it. “

CEX may be the only place on the high street where you will find the PS5 today.

Another staff member said he has seen “lots of” consoles flow into CEX, attracted by the chain’s £ 650 cash offer since the release of the PS5.

“Demand is very high,” they said. “People will still pay for it (even if that means the staff can do it) [expect] As a result, work hard).

“I fully understand the high price debate. Of course, there are moral dilemmas that come with it. Do you expect to be abused by customers when the store reopens? Of course. £ 450 It’s okay to sell the consoles for over £ 800.? No, but if anyone is willing to pay for it, I’m not going to turn them back. “

Eurogamer’s internal email about the price of used Xbox Series X shares specifically states eBay’s highs, and compared to some customers, angry customers have CEX-specific options. It should be said that it was low.

The email acknowledged that the staff was likely to be asked by customers about the increased price of the chain and advised them to tell them some of the reasons behind the chain.

In short, this will meet known demand even at soaring prices-CEX can immediately sell all Series Xs sold so far, when additional inventory becomes available. Hundreds of customers have registered to be notified.

The chain also offers a 24-month warranty and considers it a better option than eBay due to the fact that people can pay using vouchers obtained from trading other products.

CEX is currently selling the Xbox Series X for £ 690. That’s not as spectacular as the PS5, but it’s a significant £ 450 RRP price increase. If you’re selling the Xbox Series X, you’ll buy CEX for £ 550.

Meanwhile, the new console’s cheaper options, the PS5 Digital Edition and the Xbox Series S, are both sold without markup. The CEX website lists the PS5 Digital Edition at a suggested retail price of £ 360 and the Xbox Series S at a suggested retail price of £ 250. Also, trade-in is significantly less than RRP. That is, passing one will result in a loss.

Eurogamer asked CEX for comment.

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