CEX is charging PS5 £ 815 and customers are furious

Alex Calvin, Friday, December 4, 2020 11:16 GMT

One staff member says the price is “disgusting.”

UK trade-in retailer CEX is facing anger from consumers over £ 815 charging PlayStation 5s.

As reported, both customers and employees are dissatisfied with the company charging nearly twice the RRP of the console. The PlayStation 5 went on sale in the UK on November 19th for £ 450, but CEX is offering £ 650 to attract people who already have a new Sony machine and sell it to the store.

Not surprisingly, online reviews from customers describe the price as “terrifying.” Meanwhile, one of the anonymously speaking staff said it was “disgust” for CEX to charge the PS5 this much.

“Obviously none of us think it’s good,” they said.

“Prices are said to be as high as eBay, but when it was £ 750, it’s now even higher. CEX is legally entitled to price what they want. But morally I hate it. The new console may uplift someone’s mood, and I personally want to relieve my stress and get rid of my heart from things. I know I use games on eBay. “

It follows one scalping group, CrepChiefNotify (CCN), using bots to protect 3,500 PlayStation 5. The costume landed 2,472 consoles when it went on sale in November, and had already placed 1,000 pre-orders in September.

However, the group was thwarted by, which canceled 1,000 Xbox Series X orders placed by CCN using the bot.

At the time of this writing, the PlayStation 5s sold for £ 990 on platforms like Ebay, while Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is over £ 700.

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CEX is charging £815 for PS5s and customers are furious

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