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previous UFC Title Challenger Chael Sonnen The hotel was detained for a battery on suspicion of a brawl in Las Vegas.

TMZ sports He was one of the first to report the news.

After being involved in an assault with a couple at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sonnen was charged with five assaults on misdemeanor.

According to witnesses, Sonnen was seen knocking on the door of a hotel room after 7 pm on Saturday. A man opened the door and confronted Sonnen, who quarreled at the hotel. I heard a woman screaming for help, but it’s unclear if she was also involved in the quarrel.

Las Vegas police and local rescuers responded quickly to the scene and handcuffed Sonnen. It is unknown if anyone was treated for the injury when the authorities arrived.

It’s also unclear what led to the quarrel between Sonnen and the unidentified man.

Jon Jones responds to Chael Sonnen’s case in Las Vegas

Following breaking news, Jones used social media to deal with his old rivals in a series of tweets.Jones Arrested for battery in Las Vegas Earlier this year allegedly assaulted his fiancée at Caesars Palace. Sonnen expressed his opinion on the matterAs expected, you may have rubbed Jones the wrong way.

“Chale Sonnen, I’m not going to sit here and celebrate the assault on a woman last night,” Jones said. “It will make me like you, and I’m not like you. Instead, I hope your family will be well and the victim’s family will be well.

“It’s strange that those who criticize and judge you the most have some of the most annoying things in the closet. Let the innocent throw the first stone. Good luck.”

Despite Jones’ tweet, it’s unclear if the woman was attacked by Sonnen or just the man in question. Investigation of the case is underway.

Sonnen and Jones have been nervous about each other for years..Their history began with two coaching together Ultimate fighter Face each other and compete in UFC 159. Jones won the match in the first round of TKO.

Over the last few years, things have become increasingly hot between the two UFC legends. Jones and Sonnen are poking each other on social media Jones shunned Sonnen in an ESPN interview following UFC 232 in 2018.

What is your reaction to the arrest of Chael Sonnen? Jon Jones‘reaction?

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Chael Sonnen, Jon Jones, detained for battery in Las Vegas reacts Chael Sonnen, Jon Jones, detained for battery in Las Vegas reacts

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