Chaka Khan’s net worth in 2020

What is Chaka Khan’s net worth?

Net worth: $ 30 million
age: 67
birth: March 23, 1953
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: Professional singer
Last updated: 2020


Born in Yvette Marie Stevens, Chaka Khan is an American recording artist known for the funk band Rufus. She is from Chicago, Illinois. Known as the Queen of Funk and Soul, Kahn has sold 70 million records worldwide and has won 10 Grammy Awards.

Kahn gained her recognition when her Bundle Fas released their debut album in 1973.

As of 2020, Chaka Khan’s net worth is estimated at approximately $ 30 million.

early life

Chaka Khan was born on March 23, 1953 in Chicago, Illinois. She is the eldest of five children born to Sandra Coleman and Charles Stevenson.

Kahn grew up as a Catholic and was motivated to play jazz thanks to his grandmother. Her grandmother introduced her to jazz and funk. That was one of the reasons she wanted to start her career as a queen of funk and jazz.

Kahn dropped out of high school and started playing in small groups around Chicago.


Kahn became active in the Black Power movement in 1969.

She joined the Black Panther Party and then began working with organizations to help children eat breakfast. The following year, she said goodbye to high school and dropped out to pursue her career as a singer.

She started playing in small groups around Chicago and joined Rufus that year. When the band released their debut album in 1973, the world first tasted Khan’s voice and was a huge success.

Follow-up album Rags To Rufus It was also a big smash.Stevie Wonder-Pen for the band in the song Tell me something good We have sold over 1 million copies. Rufus won a Grammy Award for Best R & B Vocal Performance.

Rufus has had a lot of success next year as well.The band won 10 top hits Sweet stuff It was written by Chaka Khan, who climbed to the top of the R & B chart and was also one of the top five hits.

Kahn began his solo career in the late 1970s.She released her debut album Chaka Khan Featuring the No. 1 R & B hit in 1978. Although the popularity of her album eventually declined as music trends changed, she nevertheless released acclaimed music. She won a Grammy Award in 1990 and began appearing on the soundtrack that year.

Kahn has collaborated with world-renowned artists. She was a huge success in the band Rufus and in her solo career. Kahn is the queen of funk and jazz.

As of 2020, Chaka Khan’s net worth is estimated at approximately $ 30 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Chaka Khan’s career:

  • Naughty (1980)
  • Chaka Khan Album (1982)
  • I Feel For You (1984)
  • American Music Awards (Favorite Female Artist, 1985)
  • ck (1988)
  • The woman I am (1992)
  • Cam 2 My House (1998)
  • ClassiKhan (2004)
  • Funkdis (2007)
  • Soul Train Awards (Legends Awards, 2009)

Favorite quote from Chaka Khan

“I was an archaeologist or something, perhaps a historian. There are many things I wanted to do differently, but everything that happened to me made me today. No matter how much at that time No matter how hard it looks, no matter how hard it looks I The sum of all these great experiences. ” – Chaka Khan

“Songs aren’t going to change this damn world. Instead of offending people to this silly situation, it will make everyone happy. That’s wrong. It’s like a lullaby, not a gun. People. Needs to be driven into reality, music doesn’t do that. ” – Chaka Khan

“I control my life and never miss success. I accepted it and ran. And I’m the only one who can threaten my stability. I’m me. It’s the only threat and my own worst enemy. Beyond that, I don’t feel successful. It’s far from where I’m planning to reach my goals. ” – Chaka Khan

“America fosters ambition. It may be good, but it may not be. Ambition also creates competition, which can be very bad. People are chronically engrossed in competition, You don’t know when to stop. You can be unhealthy. “ – Chaka Khan

“You have to follow your path. You have to trust your heart and listen to the warnings …. You can’t argue with the universe. It It’s not about, it’s about relaxing and knowing that you can handle it feel I was authorized. I know you have the power to do whatever you want. That’s about it. Really so. ” – Chaka Khan


Chaka Khan is one of the best female jazz and soul artists in the world. She has released numerous albums and sold millions of copies of her music.

As of 2020, Chaka Khan’s net worth is estimated at approximately $ 30 million.

She will remain the queen of funk forever.

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