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Michael Chandler wanted Tony Ferguson to be his first UFC fight, and he feels the reason they didn’t pair was because of Ferguson’s management.

Michael Chandler has finally booked his first UFC, which is none other than Dan Hooker at the UFC 257. Hooker ranked 6th in the UFC lightweight and is a tough test for any fighter, but Chandler preferred to play against Tony Ferguson Chandler proved to be the biggest nightmare for the lightweight division. Accept the challenge of confronting competitors you believe to be.

“I wanted to fight Tony Ferguson,” Chandler said. Recent ESPN Interview.. “Tony Ferguson was my number one choice because I thought he was the scariest man in the category. Boogyman.”

Michael Chandler criticizes Tony Ferguson’s management

Michael Chandler wanted to fight Ferguson, and all signs and reports show that the UFC also wanted to fight, so Michael Chandler knows where to hold responsibility for the fight that isn’t happening. Yes: Tony Ferguson’s management team.

“I never judge someone’s control or someone’s decision,” Chandler said. “As I said, we are all very busy. Something was happening inside and outside the octagon. We are fathers, sons, businessmen. We are others. Doing all sorts of things, especially when you enter our upper layers, are the top people in each weight class.

Tony Ferguson, Credit: Associated Press

“But Tony Ferguson’s situation was definitely mismanaged, which means he and I had the opportunity to step into the cage and into the octagon of this card in January. .. [and] Tony says no. Then he calls me and then fights a relatively short notice fight against Oliveira, and I say no. After this 9 month training camp I went to, I needed a 3 or 4 week vacation. So my opinion on him remains the same. I’m just sorry. “

Tony Ferguson will lose quite a bit in the short battle with Charles Oliveira. Biased fashion With UFC 256, he lost the first two games of his career. For Michael Chandler, even if he’s played against an opponent who wasn’t his first choice, he’ll know within a few weeks whether his long-awaited UFC debut will be successful.

Which do you think makes sense, Michael Chandler’s UFC debut opponent Tony Ferguson or Dan Hooker?

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Chandler accuses Ferguson’s management of not having a fight Chandler accuses Ferguson’s management of not having a fight

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