Chaos Theory (Xbox, 2005) Video Game Music Review

Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuA daily hangout for those who love video games and the cool ass sounds they make.I’m talking quietly today Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory soundtrack.

You might not think Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy game has a great soundtrack, but in most cases you’ll be right.It’s not saying game music like Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six Bad, it’s never super memorable or incredibly interesting.I played for over 300 hours Tom Clancy Division 1 And 2 And not to mention the main theme of the game, you can’t hum a single song.But there are exceptions like 2005 Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (((playlist / Long play / VGMdb).. It has a nice, weird soundtrack, but I think it’s still one of the best to appear in Ubisoft games.

Let’s ask:

Ubisoft / Amon Tobin (YouTube)

This may sound like a criticism, but I say this in a good way: the songs on this soundtrack are almost too busy. They stand at the top of their control, but nevertheless do not cross that line completely. It creates this perfect sense of chaos and tension, which makes me more anxious as I play. One of my favorite tracks is “El Cargo, “This strikes a perfect balance between good sound and out of control.

Ubisoft / Amon Tobin (YouTube)

Of chaos theory soundtrack composer Amon TobinA DJ and composer known for creating dark and weird electronic tracks. He has been doing that for over 20 years and some of his music has appeared in big movies such as: Sloppy work content And twenty one..To create a soundtrack for Chaos theory, He created tracks for each level of the gameWe then created four layers for each track, allowing Ubisoft to dynamically shift the sound and feel of the song depending on what was happening.

How to make sausage is enough. Let’s eat this damn thing. This is”Replaced, “It’s my favorite song across the soundtrack and one of my favorite songs in the stealth games I’ve created so far. It has a very unique sound. Even today, this song comes to my mind secretly in other games.

Ubisoft / Amon Tobin (YouTube)

later Sprinter cell The soundtrack was good, but Chaos theory “Music achieved with the perfect balance between chaos and excitement, and between eerie and explosive.If Chaos theory It was just an average game, this would be the best part of it.But Chaos theory Is one of the best sneaker-around games ever made, so I think it’s a perfect fit to have such a great soundtrack.

That’s all for today’s morning music! Look at the security cameras before you go out. Better yet, take a closed camera for me before you go out.Oh, and be a good secret agent, tell us your favorite tracks from others and leave a comment below Sprinter cell The title, or something else you want to talk about. See you tomorrow!

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