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Just before the 2-minute warning in Costa Mesa, CA Los Angeles Chargers‘Match with Las Vegas Raiders Thursday Chris Harris Junior.. Alongside, he said he looked straight into the quarterback’s eyes.

In this case, the quarterback was a Raiders backup Marcus mariota, Because Derek Carr I went out in the second half of the first quarter due to an inguinal injury. Harris looked into Mariota’s eyes and said he knew where the next pass would go.

He chose that path. When he returned the first intercept as a 51-yard charger, it felt as good as he could have imagined.

But then he was caught. By Mariota. Quarterback. At the Raiders 33 yard line.

“I wanted to score,” Harris said after the match. “If I had two good wheels …”

But he didn’t. He barely had it. After a severe leg injury in the 3rd week Carolina Panthers, Harris missed 7 games. He has played four games since returning on November 29th, but he is still fighting pain.

The fight continues on Sunday against his old team. Denver Broncos (5-9) Come to SoFi Stadium on Sunday and play against the 5-9 Chargers (Eastern Standard Time 4:05 pm, CBS). Harris missed his first go-around in Denver. There, he played nine seasons before signing as a free agent with the Chargers due to an injury on November 1, when Broncos won the game final. play.

“The injury I suffered was difficult to heal,” Harris said. He said he had a high ankle sprain, a low ankle sprain, a broken toe, and a severely injured foot. Imagine dropping a grand piano under your feet and trying to run or stand.

In this case, the grand piano was a combination of middle guards Limbal Joseph And Panthers running back Mike DavisTogether weighed 539 pounds.

The four pro bowlers and the 2016 All Pro were even more painful than he initially expected. I thought he would go out for a month. But six weeks later, he was still in great pain.

“Most people would have done that year,” Harris said. “I was motivated to do everything I could to help this team back.”

Helping to secure two consecutive victories and the team’s first AFC West victory since the 2018 season was a good start, if at all later than expected.

Harris was a solid part of Denver before signing away from the two-year $ 20 million deal with the Chargers. He won the Super Bowl in Denver in 2015 and went to another Super Bowl two years earlier. He is excited to come back and helping the Chargers is a priority for this strangest season.

And he wasn’t worried about being caught and ridiculed by the quarterback from behind, despite his fast quarterback in Mariota.

“I’m fighting for the team here,” he said briefly.

Harris played 139 games as Bronco and, relatively uninjured, missed only five games in Denver in nine years (one in 2012 and four in 2018).

The Chargers missed Harris on the go and took a double-digit lead Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4th week), New Orleans Saints (Week 5) and Broncos (Week 8)-Lead he knows he might have been able to help save. He understands his worth and wants to contribute even if he has only two games left in the season.

Chargers coach Anthony Lynn wants leadership that Harris believes is healthy.

“I just have to tell everyone, we have a lot of talent in this team,” Harris said. “It just needs to be put together.

“We really needed to understand our identity.”

They did guts out on Thursday 30-27 overtime win Beyond the Raiders.

It was a good feeling for Harris, even if he was the only one.

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Chargers Chris Harris Jr. joins Broncos reunion-NFL Nation Chargers Chris Harris Jr. joins Broncos reunion-NFL Nation

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