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Charlotte Flair seems to have returned to dominate the roster as he was recently seen defeating Auska and Rhea Ripley when he came down to the ring during the rematch of WrestleMania. Is it possible to flip a script so quickly in Charlotte? Charlotte Flair Return’Ruined’By Raw Announcer.

In a recent episode of the hit show “Nitti Gritti Dirt Show,” two very favorite hosts, Vince Russo and Billi Bhatti, analyze everything that’s happening in the crazy world of professional wrestling. In this episode, Vince Russo and Billi Bhatti are back to discuss WrestleMania and post-WrestleMania antiques. Focus on the possibility that Charlotte Flair’s big game will be cancelled. Let’s dive into this episode.

Billi Bati begins by talking about Rhea Ripley and NXT, and how talent has grown. Billi then Segways to Charlotte by saying:

Bati: “In this week’s Charlotte Flair promotion, she said,” This wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t my fault. ” The original plan for the raw women title was Lacey Evans, so there’s actually a lot of truth. Ric Flair vs. Charlotte in her corner. “

Bati continues. “Lacy was supposed to beat Asuka in the fast lane. It was supposed to be a match. It wasn’t her fault that she got Covid because it was supposed to be Asuka, Charlotte and Ripley, but that’s it. Rhea Ripley won the title because it didn’t happen either. I don’t think it will continue. Her match isn’t well accepted. “

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Charlotte Flair Major Title Wins Rumored Leak Charlotte Flair Major Title Wins Rumored Leak

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