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Ninja Chowdown first got a lot of attention in August when Abylight Studios first announced that it would release a game for iOS. It’s set to arrive on December 3rd, and today we’ll take a look at some enhanced gameplay exclusively.

In the gameplay you can see in the embedded video below, the chubby ninja hero Donatsu runs down the street, jumping and throwing shuriken stars. Along the way, he eats a donut with pink icing that fills the meter on the screen.

When this is full, he grows to a considerable size and begins to use his mass to dare to body slam those who get in the way when rolling and bouncing the stage. Both here and in his normal state, the player uses a series of taps and swipes to dodge enemies and try to throw projectiles himself.

The trailer also gives a glimpse of the level of boss style for Sushi Sam that Donuts are pursuing for their ultimate knowledge of donuts, Knownuts. This seems to give the strictest test to evasion and shuriken throwing skills, as both must be done quickly and in succession to defeat him.

When the game starts early next month, 35 levels will be played and each stage will last about 30 seconds to 3 minutes. This is ideal for playing in short bursts. Throughout the story, you can expect to enjoy the endless stream of food puns that are likely to thirst for donuts.

Ninja Chowdown can be pre-ordered on the App Store prior to its release on December 3rd. This will be a game that you can play for free with an in-app purchase.

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