Check out the 9 minute Deathloop gameplay

At the Sony State of Play tonight, Bethesda unveiled a nine-minute video from Arkane’s next game, Deathloop.

Videos with PC and PS5 titles are either trapped in a time loop or Death loop If you do, with your worst enemy.

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In the video, the main character, Colt, is looking for Alexis “The Wolf” Dorsey. This is one of eight major targets to eliminate before the day is reset again. There are many ways to reach and defeat the target, and the video shows only one action course.

When Colt defeats Alexis, he encounters the enemy Juliana. Juliana is controlled by another player or AI. As you can see in the video, she makes the most of him and resumes Colt’s time loop.

The interesting thing about these time loops is that they cause amnesia for everyone on Blackleaf Island, except for one, Juliana. Of course, after a certain amount of time has stopped in this endless cycle, the inhabitants begin to experience side effects. Everyone on the island, including Colt, suffers from amnesia, but it’s completely unknown how many times it repeats on the same day.

Returning to the walkthrough, you can see Colt picking up something after killing Alexis in enhanced gameplay. This is an upgrade of his carnesis ability, allowing him to “throw people around like a doll.” Killing the visionary always gives you a lot of rewards. This can range from new capabilities to powerful upgrades.

However, even if you don’t have the memories of the previous day or restart every day, you don’t have to start over. As you progress, you will find an item called Reduum. Obtained by taking out Eternalists and Visionaries and unlocking them, Reduum can spend time in an attempt to permanently preserve abilities and equipment.

There is also a feature called Reprise that unlocks early in the game, ensuring that death is not an “automatic restart”. If killed, you have two chances to rewind a bit of time without rebooting. But when you die for the third time, the day ends. With Reprise, time is rewound only against Colt and everything else on the island is unaffected. This means that all the enemies you killed are still dead.

It sounds like a really entertaining game, and you’ll be able to pick it up on September 14th.


Check out nine minutes of Deathloop gameplay

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