Check out the visual changes in the new before and after trailers for Mass Effect Legendary Edition •

Just a week ago, BioWare was mesmerizing with Mass Effect fans by breaking down the various tweaks and enhancements that will be included in the upcoming Legendary Edition remasters. This time the situation is a bit more specific, but developers have time to highlight the visual improvements that buyers can expect when the trilogy hits the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on May 14. I’m taking

“Our goal from the beginning was to improve and enhance the visuals while staying true to the original aesthetics of the trilogy, which has become very symbolic and genre-defining in the last decade. Remastering, not remaking, allows you to build your original assets in a way that resembles the polishing phase of a normal development cycle, while at the same time taking advantage of much more up-to-date hardware and software. “

Next, BioWare’s blog post provides a detailed breakdown of the three processes that developers went through when evaluating and finally implementing the Legendary Edition art tweaks. However, the highlights include the fact that the studio eventually decided to improve all the textures of the Mass Effect trilogy in order to take full advantage of the newly supported 4K resolutions. .. In other words, the era when “individual textures far exceeding 30,000” were massaged in modern times.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition-Official Remastered Comparison Trailer.

BioWare has also identified assets such as characters and common props that appear in multiple games, adopted the best available version, made further improvements, and ported it to all three titles, “more consistent. He states that he has created a “high quality” look. -Although it states that it has taken careful steps to ensure that the process “did not flatten the sense of time and the overall story.”

Elsewhere, the developer fine-tunes the lights and shadows so that all three Legendary Edition entries reflect the learning implemented in later games, allowing the artist to visually perceive assets and locations. Placed props in the more barren areas of the trilogy as part of the path to eliminate the overall experience.

There’s more detail in the blog post-for example, according to BioWare, textures and materials have been adjusted to respond to light, and VFX and shaders for skin, hair, and eyes have also improved, evidence of this. Is in the pudding. Therefore, for more information, please look at the comparison videos before and after above.

Whether BioWare changes ultimately improve or compromise the original experience is probably a personal preference, but it’s clear that there’s a good deal of thought and dedication in the development of Mass Effect’s Legendary Edition. .. Of course, we can draw clearer conclusions about the remaster on May 14th.

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