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The beginning of a new season in EA’s FIFA series, FIFA 22 will be released on October 1st. Prior to launch, game reviews are now available online. We support review scores from the entire Internet at once. Determine if the game is worth your time and money.

If you’re an EA Play subscriber, you can play the game for 10 hours, so you can try it out and see if the game is exactly what you want to buy. Another important thing to note here is that the Switch version of FIFA 22 is a “legacy” edition, which lacks features compared to other editions. The review scores below are not for the Switch version.

再生中: ハイパーモーションテクノロジーを搭載したFIFA22次世代ゲームプレイ

ここGameSpotでは、FIFA22のレビューでゲームのスコアが8/10になりました。 「FIFA22は忍耐強く、より整然としたスタイルでピッチに優れていますが、他の場所での追加は段階的であり、マイクロトランザクションは依然として悪い味を残します」とレビューアのリチャード・ウェイクリングは言いました。


  • ゲーム:FIFA 22
  • プラットフォーム:PS5、PS4、Xbox One、Xbox Series X | S、PC、Stadia、Switch
  • 開発者:EA Sports
  • 発売日:10月1日
  • 価格:60ドル(PS4、Xbox One、PC)/ 70ドル(PS5、XboxシリーズX | S)

GameSpot-8 / 10

「FIFA22は、ピッチに足を踏み入れた後の素晴らしいサッカーゲームです。現実的で系統だったスタイルで、安いペースの商人の搾取に対するパスとビジョンに報います。スポーツゲームには、つなぎ合わせることができるよりも良い気持ちはほとんどありません。しかし、ネットの後ろにあるボールで終わる、審美的に心地よいパスの動き。そのため、FIFA22はアップグレードする価値があります。」 – リチャード・ウェイクリング [Full review]

Eurogamer-no score

“I think it sounds like a broken record, but at this point you should let go of the record player. FIFA 22 is a game with lots of solid improvements, but once again!-I’m morally disappointed. Bankruptcy Cashing This is, like the last FIFA 22, the previous FIFA 22 and the previous FIFA 22. Capitalism. Like real football, I think. ” Wesley Yin-Poole [Full review]

IGN-7 / 10

“FIFA 22 is the forerunner of the next generation of virtual football and will not reinvent the ball, but the offensive and defensive gameplay gains momentary fluidity. Goalkeeping failures and visual contradictions Apart from that, this year’s FIFA is still one of the most popular. With the nuanced and fun multiplayer sports games on the market, and new additions across Career Mode and Volta Football, FIFA’s major modes of play are It’s more fun. Microtransactions are still big, but small repetitive changes combined with the horsepower of the new generation console are creating FIFA 22 Need something revolutionary or terribly exciting from the EA side Instead, it feels like a worthwhile upgrade. “– Jordan Oroman [Full review]

GamesRadar-3.5 / 5

“When it comes to gameplay, this is a four-star football offering, and gameplay is always a top priority. But the most popular and most profitable modes are shameless Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski. Money like buying Lewandowski in real life. FIFA 22’s PS5 action sets the best future precedent in the field of play. The team is ready. ” Ben Wilson [Full review]

NME-4 / 5

“FIFA 22 is packed with all the usual modes you’d expect from an annual iteration, but this time the field action has been significantly improved. It’s more comprehensive than ever with the latest console growls. It’s a game. It’s fun to experience the hardware, whether you’re a fan of the biggest clubs, or just enjoy spending the night chatting and playing with your peers. ” Adam cook [Full review]

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