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Arsenal are trying to put the two deals together. Oscar wants to move to Chelsea, Jones recommends joining Newcastle, Sancho sends a United warning, and Kane issues a Madrid warning in today’s top news …

Brazilian midfielder Oscar opens, revealing his desire to return to Chelsea

Oscar starred in the blues from 2012 to 2017 after moving from Internacional on the Brazilian side to England. The midfielder won the Premier League twice, the Carabao Cup and the Europa League while at the club.

Oscar played 203 times in the blues, scored 38 goals, then headed to China to join the Shanghai SIPG and was reported to be £ 60 million ($ 82 million), but he left the club to take care of his family. Must leave, love with Bruce

But when the time comes, he wants to return to Chelsea.

“I’m not thinking of leaving China,” said 29-year-old midfielder. Yellow and green football.. “I have a great project here, but I would like to return to Chelsea to finish my career.

“I made a beautiful story there and went to a very young Premier League when fans didn’t trust Brazilian players so much. I helped change that. Try this move again. I’ll be a little older, but I’m playing very well and have good stats, so I feel that Chelsea still has a place for me. “

He added: “I’ve covered all of this interview about the good moments and memories I enjoyed at Chelsea, but there are two other things I’m most grateful for: the first hat-trick, the match against MK Don, and Arsenal. I didn’t score, but I did eight slide tackles. When I went down, the fans applauded me, and it felt as if I had won a hat-trick. I did. “

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According to Dimitar Berbatov, Jadon Sancho will be “Donny van de Beek 2” if he signs with Manchester United.

There is no doubt that Sancho is one of the most exciting young players in the game. Indeed, Manchester United has been the focus of attention for many years, with reports that they were keen to sign a deal in the summer.

However, mixed with high transfer fees, Dortmund wanted to retain young people, and the outbreak of COVID-19 stopped many transactions, so Sancho stayed in the Bundesliga for at least another season.

Solskjaer was able to add Van de Beek, Edinson Cavani, Alex Telles and more to the ranks. The Atalanta Winger contract has also been signed. Amado Trafford finally arrived at Old Trafford earlier this month.However, there are still rumors that United is enthusiastic about Sancho.

And Berbatov fears that if United moves to Sancho, the Norwegians will have a hard time finding a regular place for him in his first XI.

“I read more rumors about Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho and how United would sign him, so where do you sign Sancho and play him?” Berbatov told Betfair.

“They will play a lot of matches in the Europa League and the FA Cup, but what about people like Donny van de Beek? If they sign him, it will be Van de Beek 2. Yes, he Is a great player, but are you too talented?

“Cavani was a great sign, and do you drop him? You never turn down Sancho, and he’s a good player, and the luxury you tell people you’re resting today Whether you want a headache-it’s not a good conversation, I’ll tell you from experience.

“I don’t think it will happen yet. The situation at this point is that Ole and the players need to be credited. He has found the right balance about which player is playing.

“He found that the delicate balance with the player won’t complain. It’s difficult. The manager has made the right decision so far.

“If Sancho contracts with another team or rival, it’s not a blow. Sir Alex Ferguson eliminated the players because no one was bigger than the club. They were replaced.

“That’s right. No one is bigger than Manchester United, so I don’t think anything will happen.”

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Guillem Balagué claims that Arsenal have already planned to retain Martin Ødegaard and Dani Ceballos of Real Madrid this summer.

Ceballos has been in Emirates for the past few seasons and has a strong position in the middle of Mikel Arteta’s park, despite being only rented from Madrid.

Martin Ødegaard was signed by Arsenal this month after news was reported that he wanted to move from Madrid. He decided that the move to Emirates would be a place for ideas to kickstart his career.

And when asked why Odegor’s loan to Arsenal makes sense, Barage said the midfielder was promised a certain amount of matches and the club had already negotiated a permanent contract at the end of the season. The same is true for Dani Ceballos, who claimed to be planning to start.

Barage told his official YouTube channell: “Reason [Odegaard] I’m going to Arsenal, I’m not sure, but it’s not surprising that Arteta will play.

“The second reason is that Arsenal will try to talk to Real Madrid about both Odegor and Ceballos at the end of the season.

“Odegor is planning to return to Real Madrid, but he probably feels he’ll help another year ahead.”

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Manchester United are keen on off-roading fringe players, and Phil Jones, who hasn’t played for a year, was told to sign Newcastle United.

During the summer, there was a lot of speculation about players arriving at the club in the summer window, and by the time the transfer window closed, Toon fans were relatively happy with the signed player.

However, Newcastle struggles with consistency this season and lacks depth in key areas of the pitch. So Bruce wanted to pay a little more cash in this transfer window and add a few players to the team.

However, Bruce revealed that he could be restricted to loan transactions in the winter window, but hesitated to sign permanently when it was already notorious to get the value of the money. I believe that Newcastle is not the only one.

Jones has been injured for the past 12 months and hasn’t been on the United Premier League team, but the 28-year-old Centerback camp has “nothing to report” about the transfer link, but Toon. Is still terribly upset to make a move.

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Harry Kane has been warned by Peter Crouch that “grass is not always green” when it comes to transfer plans.

There is no doubt that Kane is one of the best and most deadly strikers in football in the world. Since the arrival of Jose Mourinho, the striker seems to have taken his game to the next level.

Kane has scored more than 200 goals in the club, and Manchester United are often associated with potential superstar moves, but never in practice.

Speculation about the huge move continues to rage over one of the world’s most prolific strikers in football, with media reports suggesting that Madrid will move to Spurs at the end of the season.

But Crouch believes he can reach his ultimate goal in his current environment as the legendary position solidifies, former Spurs Forward Daily star: “The grass is not always green.

“I think winning something in Tottenham is ten times more than going to Real Madrid and winning something.

“He is a top player and he is of the highest value, so no one can resent him if he wants to move.

“But if he thinks he has a chance to win something in Tottenham, I think it makes much more sense than if he went somewhere and won a league title in another country.

“In Tottenham, if he finishes there or wins something, they will build a statue for him, right?”

Crouch watched from a distance that players who saw him pass the Academy ranks in Tottenham gained a place among the world’s elite. Kane took the game to new heights this season with 19 goals and 14 assists.

“It’s great to see him evolve,” Crouch added.

“When he came as a kid, I was in the Spurs and he trained with us. I can’t say he exploded in the field. We all thought it was” awesome. ” But he was always scoring in every game of training. There was definitely something in him.

“The way he worked on his game and improved it is like a manager’s dream. Young players of any kind should respect someone like him.

“You can see that he’s working very well in the air with both feet, and he adapted his game again this year. He feels like he’s falling into those little holes. It’s almost Teddy Sheringham. It seems like.

“Then there is a rapid path [Heung-min] My son sprayed a 60-yard crossfield pass, but he still achieves the goals he has always come up with.

“In his evolution, he is arguably one of the best strikers in Europe.”

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Chelsea Arsenalman United and Tottenham appear in the news of the day Chelsea Arsenalman United and Tottenham appear in the news of the day

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